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Tenten is a side character in Naruto (Image via Boruto Anime)

10 side characters in Naruto, ranked from most memorable to least

Some side characters in Naruto are likable because they're very easy to remember. Some Naruto side characters are so strong, or used a dialogue you'd remember forever, or simply slide down to the point of indifference.

Yet, a clear message states that some characters are more noticeable than others. It could be because of their beauty, or even their brains, but in an anime like this it's mostly because of their abilities.


These abilities can impress fans into rooting for them. However, it's hard to have a stand-out fight with so many characters if it isn't engaging enough.

10 Naruto side characters, including Gaara


1) Gaara

Gaara is a the Kazekage (Image via Naruto Anime)

Gaara is a Jinjuriki of the One Tailed Beast. He became popular during the Chunnin Exam Arc as he was introduced as one of the main antagonists that Naruto had to overcome as a very strong rival.

His most notable move is the Sand Binding Coffin which encases a victim in the sand until they suffocate or until Garra is merciful enough to kill them quickly.

2) Neji

Neji specializes in perfecting Taijutsu (Image via Naruto Anime)

Neji was a very talked about character in Naruto as he was breifly an antagonistic figure who defied everything the blonde Shinobi was. His characterization started him off as an arrogant boy but later had him mellow out.


He was famous due to the skill he had in battle. He learned the Hyuga Gentle Fist, a Taijutsu that aims to cause significant damage to a Shino's chakra pathways.

3) Tsunade

Tsunade is one of the three Sannin (Image via Naruto Anime)

Tsunade is a very popular side character among fans, because she's a powerful medic ninja and her beauty is quite astounding. One of the Sannin, Tsunade focused her efforts into medicine and eventually became the Hokage.


She has the ability of longevity, courtesy of the Uzumaki clan, which increases her lifespan. Her abilities allow her to enhance this gift by keeping her from growing weary, even after battling Madara for half a day.

4) Killer B

Killer Bee ⚔️

Killer B became a popular character in Naruto Shippuden because fans were impressed by his battles against Sasuke and Kisame. A Jinjuriki of the Eight Tails, Killer B, managed to befriend the demon and use its power.

A skilled swordsman can wield multiple blades at once and can strike at any interval. His speed is so great that he almost manages to kill Sasuke.

5) Hinata

Hinata Hyuga (Image via Naruto Anime)

Hinata gained popularity in Naruto Shippuden when it became clear she would end up with Naruto. Viewers also found her shy personality desirable, so that also factored in why she grew in popularity.


Hinata will see the chakra reserves of potential victims once she activates the Byakugan and can injure them using Gentle Fist.

6) Ino

Ino can possess the mind of others (Image via Naruto Anime)

Ino is part of the Yamanaka Clan, specializing in espionage and interrogation in the Land of Fire. She's famous because of her beauty and strong personality, though her ninjutsu has also been praised.


She can use the Mind Body Technique to possess the bodies of others but to a certain extent. If she fails to enter a target's mind while in a spiritual form, her body will essentially be a corpse.

7) Temari


Temari is the sister of Garry the Kazekage. She's not as liked as other characters as she's only truly featured in the Chuunin Exam arc. She's not popular even though her jutsus have intrigued several fans, but her character could not create a lasting impression.

She uses a giant fan and channels her Wind Style chakra to create giant gusts of wind that obey her will, though all three symbols on her fan must be visible.

8) Kiba

kiba and akamaru - naruto http://t.co/R7De4kIaBo

Kiba is teammates with Shino and Hinata. He uses his dog as his part of his jutsus and can smell enemies from a mile away, even when they're nowhere in sight. He is easily forgotten because he's not central to the plot, nor does he have enough screen time to warrant including him more in the series.

He can use the Human Beast Transformation Jutsu and cause massive damage to his enemies if they dare to cross him, though this depletes his chakra reserves.

9) Shino

Shino just being Shino.

Shino is part of the Aburame Clan, specializing in controlling insect manipulation. He can summon his bugs at will and have them envelop an enemy. He's not as popular because he has much less screen time than some characters in the series.

Once the insects encase victims like cocoons, they feed on their chakra like vampiric parasites. They do the same to Shino, yet they share a special bond and listen to his commands.

10) Tenten

I almost forgot how beautiful Tenten is

Tenten is not a popular character since she doesn't stand out much. Her fight with Temari interested some people even less, so her popularity lowered considerably.

A skilled weapon user, Tenten can summon multiple weapons at once and quickly figure out how to operate them, even if it's a weapon she's never weilded.


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