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Comparison between Gaara and some of the characters in the series (Image via Pierrot)

5 Naruto characters Gaara can beat with ease (and 5 he never will)

Gaara is an extremely strong shinobi in the Naruto series, and hails from the Sand Village. He was an early antagonist that had a change in heart after meeting Naruto. He goes on to become a strong shinobi whose help was integral during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

While he can beat numerous characters within the series, there are certain characters who are a cut above the rest.


Note: This list is strictly based on Gaara’s strength that was showcased in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

5 characters in Naruto that Gaara can easily take down


1) Sakura Haruno


Gaara’s overall combat abilities and jutsu prowess makes him a very strong shinobi in the Naruto series. Sakura is a close-range fighter and specializes in medical jutsu which is a huge disadvantage when fighting against someone like Gaara.

Gaara’s sand manipulation and magnet release Kekkei Genkai will aid him in his battle against Sakura. He will be able to beat her with ease given the nature of his jutsu and range of his attacks.


2) Kankuro

Kankuro also happens to be someone who uses ranged attacks. He manipulates his puppets and attacks his enemies. However, Gaara’s defense is impeccable, given that the sand can take any shape and handle a ton of damage.


His attacks would be lethal if he combined them with Shukaku before launching it onto Kankuro. The fact that Gaara was stronger than Kanakuro was established quite early in the Naruto series.

3) Hinata


Gaara has the ability to overwhelm his enemies when they specialize in close-range attacks. Naruto fan-favorite, Hinata Hyuga, specializes in Taijutsu along with her Byakugan Doujutsu.

While Hinata has enhanced vision that gives her access to the chakra points, she would struggle against him since he would be able to maintain a safe distance while attacking at the same time. Given Gaara’s intelligence, he would easily maintain his distance and launch attacks from a safe range.

4) Choji

@blazing_eyed Do I have to remind you that Choji and Shikamaru were with him since they were little kids? They've accepted him before Team 7 was even created-
4:18 AM · Apr 4, 2021

Choji is undoubtedly quite strong given his sheer size and the ability to become bigger by consuming food pills. But Gaara would have no problem beating him since he has a variety of jutsus that can take him down.

Gaara’s Quicksand Waterfall Flow would be able to end the battle in an instant if Choji was caught in it. In addition to that, Choji’s attacks will not make a difference since Gaara has the Shukaku Shield.

5) Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba Inuzuka. Thanks to him, women can live in peace.
12:02 PM · Oct 30, 2019

Kiba Inuzuka is another skilled shinobi who has a trusted partner when it comes to his battles in the Naruto series. He, along with this dog, Akamaru are capable of inflicting a good amount of damage to their enemies.

However, they are no match for Gaara since he has a host of counter measures to their jutsus. His Rendan Shina Sigure would immediately end the battle as it would shower the area with bullet-like objects made from sand.

It covers a huge area and is quite lethal. Even if they would end up defending themselves from it, Gaara is capable of using his Sand Coffin that would put an end to their lives.

5 Characters against whom Gaara doesn’t stand a chance

1) Naruto Uzumaki

INTERVIEW: Naruto Composer Toshio Masuda On Creating Naruto’s Iconic Soundtrack

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10:31 AM · Oct 12, 2021

The protagonist of the series has a far larger chakra pool and happens to be the Nine Tail Jinchuriki. If he combined his Rasengan with Kurama, it would be able to deal a ton of damage to Gaara.

Despite Gaara having the Shukaku Shield, Naruto would be able to break it given the raw strength of Kurama. He has a host of other options like the Sage of Six Paths mode which would make quick work of Gaara.

2) Kaguya Otsutsuki

#DailyNarutoTrivia 390 - Kaguya Otsutsuki is based off of Princess Kaguya, the protagonist of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Continuing the theme of Otsutsuki being named after Japanese folklore
9:25 AM · Apr 21, 2020

There is no way Gaara can beat Kaguya Otsutsuki simply because of the difference in power levels. It required the combined efforts of Sage of Six Paths Naruto, Kakashi with his Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke with his Rinnesharingan and Sakura to beat her.

Even then the fight was extremely close and the protagonist had to resort to using Reverse Harem Jutsu in order to distract her. Since that is the case, there is no way Gaara can beat Kaguya Otsutsuki.

3) Madara Uchiha

⠀⠀ 𝗠𝗮𝗱𝗮𝗿𝗮 𝗨𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗵𝗮
うちは マダラ
5:35 AM · Mar 1, 2021

Madara Uchiha was a force to be reckoned with and the Fourth Great Ninja War was proof of that. Gaara upon witnessing the meteors wondered if it was the power of a God.

Eternal Magekyo Sharingan Madara would easily beat Gaara without even trying too hard. Jutsus like Limbo: Border Jail would decide the outcome of the battle in an instant.

4) Might Guy


Guy Sensei might not be able to use ninjutsu but he can easily overwhelm the likes of Gaara. He was so strong that Madara considered him to be the strongest person he had fought against.

His ability to open all inner gates shows the extent of his power. Given the fact that he dealt a great deal of damage to Madara, he would be able to beat Gaara in this match-up.

5) Hashirama Senju

Hashirama and Madara have finally made their dream village. #Shippuden
12:32 PM · Jan 16, 2022

Hashirama Senju would is probably one of the strongest characters in the Naruto series. Hashirama was so strong that he was able to take on Madara and the Nine Tail Beast in Susanoo.

His Wood Style release would easily overwhelm Gaara due to the sheer strength and the overall combat abilities of Hashirama.


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