10 strongest Sand Village Ninjas in Naruto, ranked from most powerful to least

Strongest Sand Village Ninjas (Image via Sportskeeda)
Strongest Sand Village Ninjas (Image via Sportskeeda)

Although the Sand Village in Naruto was initially introduced as the enemy force, they turned into powerful allies after realizing their mistake. This friendship only grew stronger in time due to Gaara's evolution after meeting Naruto. After Naruto helped rescue Gaara from the clutches of the Akatsuki, there was no going back.

As much as the Kazekage rescue arc was emotional and action-packed, it also introduced fans to a number of strong Sand Shinobi, one of whom played a big role in rescuing Gaara.

10 strongest Sand Village Ninjas in Naruto

10) Maki


Although her screen presence was short, she really left her mark in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Maki was a very loyal kunoichi of the Sand who was trained by Pakura. Her sealing-based Jutsu was very useful against fighting the Edo Tensei forced by Kabuto to bring strong Shinobi from the past to fight against the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Maki's Jutsu enabled her to manipulate her cloth to aid her comrades in a fight or even providing a swift escape. However, her offensive level was low, so her ability came in handy in fights where she could aid stronger offensive comrades.

9) Baki


Baki was first introduced in the series during the Chunin exams as the young Sand Shinobi's Sensei. His Wind Blade Jutsu made him a difficult target during Orochimaru's attack on Konoha, as it had the strength of a steel blade even though it could pass through his enemies' weapons. However, he had a short range of Jutsu to boast, ranking him pretty low on the list.

8) Granny Chiyo


Granny Chiyo was one of the best puppet masters of the Sand, and also the one who introduced Sasori the art of puppeteering. She honed her skills to a deadly edge throughout her years as a Shinobi, which proved really useful during her and Sakura's fight against Sasori.

However, her age impacted her skills a lot as much as her inability to use many puppets at once. The lack of poison in her weapons also made her skills weaker than Kankuro and Sasori. As a result, although she was one of the strongest Sand shinobi in the series, she still ranks lower than others.

7) Pakura


Pakura was not only a master Taijutsu user, but her Scorch Release techniques made her one of the deadliest foes against the Allied Shinobi forces. Her concentrated beams and orbs of heat could slash through her opponents' bodies swiftly. She was also one of the few Edo Tensei Summonings who could resist its power at the end, which let her student Maki escape at the end of their battle.

6) Kankuro


Kankuro was not only Gaara's older brother but also one of the strongest Puppet users of the Sand. Granny Chiyo entrusting the art to her in the end only goes on to prove this. His three puppets were not only deadly, but they had layers of techniques and weapons that surprised even seasoned Shinobi.

Along with offensive techniques, he could even use them in defensive methods, which proved really useful in battles. His best technique was possibly combining his three puppets to create a coffin-like box that encompassed his enemy, making it almost impossible to survive.

5) Temari


Temari is Kankuro and Gaara's older sister and possibly one of the strongest Sand kunoichi. Her Wind Fan technique not only made it possible for her to slice through an entire forest at once, making her offensive attacks deadly, but could also be used for fights if the situation calls for it.

From hunting down her enemies to escaping at a moment's notice, her technique was useful for all.

4) Rasa


Temari, Kankuro and Gaara's father, the Fourth Kazekage, Rasa was a Golden Sand user in Naruto. He could use it to both attack and shield not only himself but his comrades as well at once. However, its power lacked Gaara's edge and the automatic defensive shield, which led to his defeat against Gaara in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

3) Gaara


Gaara is possibly the most terrifying Sand Shinobi to ever encounter in a fight. As a former Jinchuriki and the Fifth Kazekage of the Hidden Sand, he is also possibly the most recognized Sand Shinobi in the Naruto series. Among his many deadly offensive and automatic defensive techniques, the most terrifying is his Sand Coffing technique.

This technique not only stops his target's mobility but it can also crush them completely inside of it. Even after Shukaku was taken from him, he remains as one of the strongest Sand Shinobi in Naruto.

2) The Third Kazekage


Although very little is known about the Third Kazekage, his unique abilities are retold far and beyond in the Naruto world. After studying Shukaku, he was even able to uncover magnetic properties of dust and manipulate iron powder.

As a result, he honed his skills to such a level that he was hailed as the strongest Sand Shinobi in Naruto. However, his skills fell short in front of a former Sand Shinobi, who beat him to first place.

1) Sasori


One of the deadliest members of the Akatsuki in Naruto, Sasori was such a skilled puppet master that he ended up turning his own body into a puppet. As long as his heart is intact, he could take any of his puppet's bodies to function. It made him a terrifying foe to encounter in battle, which his battle against Granny Chiyo and Sakura proved.

Sasori was also the one who managed to kill the Third Kazekage and even turned his body into a puppet, making him the strongest Sand Shinobi ever in the Naruto world.