10 Byakugan users in Naruto, ranked based on their strength

10 Byakugan Users, ranked based on their strength (Image via Sportskeeda)
10 Byakugan Users, ranked based on their strength (Image via Sportskeeda)

There are basically more than twelve known Dojutsus in the Naruto franchise. Each Dojutsu has a unique Bloodline Limit which can be performed by only those who possess such eyes. It can be passed on to others who were not born with these Dojutsus by the user’s will.

Moreover, those who aren’t capable of withstanding its powers can lose their Chakra limit by using it, but certain Shinobis with exceptional control over their Chakra can prove these statements wrong like Kakashi.

Mainly there are Three Great Dojutsus: Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan, and others that are just branched out with different types of powers. Unlike Sharingan, which takes a certain period to appear until the user is capable of using its powers, Byakugan is present from the user's birth. Byakugan users have a 360 degree field vision and are capable of seeing through their opponent's Chakra Pathways.

There are many Byakugan users in Naruto, and among the shinobis, only the Hyuga clan are associated with Byakugan apart from the Otsutsuki progenitors. Each Byakugan user is superior in terms of using its power and proficiency.

Ranking 10 best Byakugan users in Naruto

10) Hinata Hyuga


Hinata is one of the main characters in the Naruto franchise. She is a member of the Hyuga clan and the eldest daughter of Hiashi Hyuga. Later she marries her childhood love Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of the series and the current serving Seventh Hokage.

Hinata learned Gentle Fists through her father’s harsh training, but she was not that capable of going against her cousin Neji. After putting up a good fight in front of Hamura Otsutsuki, she earned the title of “Byakugan Princess.”

9) Hanabi Hyuga


Hanabi is the youngest daughter of Hiashi Hyuga and the younger sister of Hinata Hyuga. Later she becomes the heiress of the Hyuga Clan. Hanabi, despite the age gap between her and her sister, was able to go toe-to-toe against Hinata.

Her father compared her powers with her cousin Neji, who was a prodigy in Hyuga Clan. Toneri Otsutsuki targeted Hanabi’s Byakugan, considering it was “very pure,” and is a crucial Dojutsu to awaken Tenseigan.

8) Neji Hyuga


Neji was a member of the Hyuga Clan’s branch house and was the most proficient Hyuga in the history of Naruto. Neji was a prodigy since childhood and was able to master the Hyuga clan’s Specialized Gentle Fists Art.

He learned many techniques that were forbidden to the branched house by the main family, simply through observation. Neji died protecting Naruto and Hinata in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

7) Toneri Otsustsuki


Toneri is the descendant of Hamura Otsutsuki and is a member of the branched family of the Otsutsuki clan. Toneri is a peace-loving person and carries hatred towards humanity for using Chakra as a weapon.

Toneri’s Byakugan has sealed away the rest of his clan within the energy vessel. He took Hanabi’s Byakugan and was able to use it to its full potential. Later, Naruto defeated Toneri alongside Hinata and took Hanabi's eyes back.

6) Urashiki Otsutsuki


Urashiki is the low-ranking member of the Otsutsuki clan, who was assisting Momoshiki alongside Kinshiki to find the whereabouts on Kaguya Otsutsuki. Urashiki was quite sadistic, as he targeted humans considering them as livestock.

Urashiki’s Byakugan is quite peculiar as he is able to transform both his eyes to Rinnegan and could access different abilities by turning it to “Red with Six Tomoe” and “Blue with White Ripples.”

5) Kinshiki Otsustsuki


Kinshiki was a member of the main family of the Otsutsuki clan and was the guardian of his Momoshiki. He was loyal and respectful towards Momoshiki and even offered his life to be changed into chakra fruit.

Kinshiki’s Byakugan grants him extraordinary abilities like X-ray vision, Telescopic Vision, and the ability to see the chakra pathway system.

4) Momoshiki Otsutsuki


Momoshiki was a member of the main family of the Otsutsuki clan. He was sent to find the whereabouts of Kaguya and her God Tree. Later he tried to cultivate a new God Tree out of Naruto Uzumaki.

Momoshiki’s Byakugan, apart from giving him 360 degree field vision and to see through others’ chakra pathway system, was also able to see the fate of others despite his own. Before dying, he implanted his kama onto Boruto, turning him into a vessel.

3) Isshiki Otsutsuki


Isshiki is a member of the main family of the Otsutsuki clan and the main antagonist of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. Isshiki came thousands of years ago on earth with Kaguya, who at that time was the lowest-ranked Otsutsuki.

Kaguya betrayed Isshiki in order to take over the God Tree alone and left him to die. Unlike other users, Isshiki has only one Byakugan and tha too, in his left eye.

2) Hamura Otsutsuki


Hamura Otsutsuki was the son of Kaguya Otsutsuki and is the twin-brother of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. He is also the progenitor of the Hyuga clan. Hamura believed in peace and even sealed his mother alongside his brother to abide by his resolve.

Hamura had access to the basic powers of the Byakugan and his dojutsu was very pure, which allowed him to transform it into Tenseigan later.

1) Kaguya Otsutsuki


Kaguya Otsutsuki is regarded as the Mother of Chakra in Naruto, and after eating the chakra fruit from the God Tree, she became even more formidable. Kaguya was a peace-loving person and cared for everyone. Later she developed a god complex by believing that all the chakra rightfully belongs to her.

Kaguya is the strongest Byakugan user and pierces through opponents chakra pathway system using her Kekkai Mora of Rabit hair Needle. Moreover, her Taijutsu of Eight Gods Vacuum Attack can take the form of huge chakra fists, which is enough to destroy a Full Armored Susanoo.