How did Naruto and Kurama's friendship come about?

Naruto bids farewell to Kurama (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto bids farewell to Kurama (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto and Kurama's relationship has always been one of the major aspects of the series. In a show prevalent with friendship in all shapes and forms, Naruto and Kurama seemed to have had an unlikely bond from the start. But how did their legendary friendship come about?

Naruto and Kurama's bond sealed with hatred


Naruto became the Jinchuriki of Kurama when he was just a newborn. Obito unleashed an attack on Konoha after extracting Kyuubi from his previous Jinchuriki, i.e., Naruto's mother, Kushina.

The tragic event took place on the day of Naruto's birth. As a result, to protect the village as well as Naruto from the Nine-tailed Fox Demon, his parents sacrificed themselves.

However, his father Minato sealed only half of Kurama, his Yang part to be precise inside Naruto, while he himself took the Yin part. They sacrificed themselves by Kurama's hands while protecting their infant baby, and ended up creating a bond where both Naruto and Kurama seemed to despise each other at first.


However, during the course of his life, Naruto gradually softened and seemed to start thinking of Kurama as a guardian angel who has always been there, watching over him.

However, before that, there were a lot of outbursts due to tragic circumstances where Naruto came close to almost losing himself. It was only due to his parents' foresight that he could get over it.

A friendship lasting beyond death


The first inkling of their friendship began during Naruto's Kurama Chakra control arc, where he had to win over the hatred in the latter's heart. Although his mother had to help him suppress Kurama's overwhelming Chakra, Naruto eventually won over the hatred in the tailed beast's heart.

He told Kurama that he will come after the hatred in him as well. Knowing Naruto, fans realized that this was no idle threat.

This is something Naruto proved later during the Fourth Great Ninja War, when he fostered a relationship with all the Tailed-beasts. He not only acknowledged Kurama as a friend but also a citizen of the Hidden Leaf.

Kurama as well after observing Naruto his entire life has softened towards him. This became evident when the former told Madara how Naruto is different from the rest.


Thus began a friendship that only grew stronger with time. After that, whenever Naruto needed help, Kurama provided it voluntarily. Later, in Boruto, he even told Kawaki a little about Naruto's past.

Unfortunately, during their battle with Isshiki, Kurama sacrificed himself to protect others.

This incident broke the entire fandom's hearts as much as it did Naruto's. They could not help but reminisce about the duo's precious relationship.

For fans, this was one friendship that, although it began in tragic circumstances, created an impact that would last beyond death.


Kurama's death seems to have shocked fans to their core, while also making them anticipate what big turn the series will take next. The fandom seems to have high expectations from the series this year with already a major twist in sight.