Boruto Chapter 66: Amado’s conspiracy and Boruto’s fate

Kawaki in chapter 66 (Image via Shueisha)
Kawaki in chapter 66 (Image via Shueisha)

Boruto Chapter 66 leaked spoilers had manga readers in a frenzy over the latest developments. The chapter will likely affect the relationships between Kawaki and those of Konoha who finally accepted him as a member of the village.

This might also be just the thing that pushes the manga towards the scene featured in the very first chapter, where Kawaki and Boruto face off against each other.

A breakdown of Boruto manga's Chapter 66

Amado’s plans concerning Kawaki

The unofficial english translations for Chapter 66 confirmed what was already suspected by most fans. Code was baffled by Kawaki regaining karma, and Ada cleared his confusion using her all-seeing Senrigan eye. She revealed that Amado had possibly never given Kawaki a real choice, already having finished reconstruction of the karma while replacing Kawaki’s right arm.

Amado had already sowed the seeds of doubt in Kawaki, doubting if his own strength would be enough to protect Naruto. After that, he just waited for the right opportunity, with Code’s ambush and Borushiki’s emergence becoming the trigger to activate those powers.

Momoshiki, too, had immediately suspected that Amado was behind Kawaki getting the karma back. He was unsure of what Amado was scheming, but told Kawaki that he was being used.

Kawaki remained silent as he began launching attacks at Borushiki. Code saw the abilities Kawaki was using and wondered if Amado was trying to create a second Isshiki using Kawaki.

Kawaki’s apathy

Kawaki’s resigned and cynical attitude in Chapter 66 is similar to the Kawaki fans saw in Chapter one, who seemed more of an antagonist than an ally.

Chapter 66 showed Kawaki paying no heed to Naruto too, as he kept attacking Borushiki relentlessly. When Naruto attempted to rush towards him, he casually reminded Naruto that Code was holding Shikamaru hostage, and added that he did not really care if Shikamaru died.

Naruto, who was taken aback at Kawaki’s cold words, asked how far he was planning to go, and Kawaki simply said he would do what needed to be for Naruto. At first glance, it might seem like he meant that he would do whatever it took to keep Naruto safe. But his phrase might also mean that Kawaki would do what had to be done, on Naruto’s behalf.

Despite his vow to the other Kage, most fans were of the opinion that Naruto would not be able to kill his own son, a sentiment also echoed by Sasuke in both the manga and the anime.

Kawaki kept attacking Borushiki with the intent to kill, and with the latter mostly sticking to rasengan, was slowly forced into a defensive stance. Boruto regaining consciousness caused Momoshiki to be momentarily distracted, which was just what Kawaki needed to pin him down with chakra rods and try to crush him with a huge cube.

Naruto saving him was all the more proof that he would be unable to kill his own son, something which Kawaki pointed out when Naruto spoke harshly to him.

Boruto chooses his fate

Boruto himself seemed to agree with Kawaki, but pushed Naruto away. He admitted that Amado’s medicines were only a temporary cure to control Momoshiki’s powers, but it wasn’t a cure, and ended with him almost killing his own father.

Kawaki asked if Boruti remembered Kawaki’s promise to do something about his karma, and the younger Uzumaki agreed that they had no other choice but to go forward with their last resort.

Offering his regards to his parents and sister, Boruto asked Kawaki, as his brother, to kill him while he was still suppressing Momoshiki. He stopped a pleading Naruto from getting in the way by using Wind Style: Gale Palm.

Kawaki asked if he was ready, and proceeded to completely pierce through him with his transformed arm. The chapter ended with an unmoving Boruto with a gaping hole in his chest.

Predictions for upcoming chapters

Chapter 66 is bound to have some severe ramifications on the manga storyline. While Boruto does seem to have been fatally wounded, it is unlikely that the protagonist would be killed off so early into the series.

However, characters 'dying' and coming back to life isn’t that unusual in shonen anime either. There is a distinct possibility that either the younger Uzumaki will be taken to Sakura who uses medicinal ninjutsu to save him, or Momoshiki will use his own jutsu to save his vessel.

A third possibility might be Koji Kashin, who found Boruto interesting, reappearing to revive him. An interesting effect would be if killing Boruto with the karma mode activated kills off the Otsutsuki, but not the vessel themselves. However, it seems an unlikely possibility.

Kawaki’s actions in this chapter would also brand him as an antagonist, or an accomplice to Amado who would be branded as a traitor to Konoha.

There is a distinct possibility that Kawaki would go rogue. He would either choose to go with Code, thus saving Shikamaru’s life, or would antagonize Code, who would leave, as advised by Ada. The latter seems likely since Kawaki is far more powerful than Code in his current form.