Boruto Chapter 65: What the new-found control over Karma might mean for Boruto

Karma-mode Kawaki and Boruto (Image via
Karma-mode Kawaki and Boruto (Image via

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga Chapter 64 took manga readers by surprise, and theories have been circulating wildly since then.

Fans suspect that there will likely be a timeskip, much like the three-year gap between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, connecting the present to some years into the future, where Boruto and Kawaki will be shown as teenagers. Let's take a look at what fans believe might be in store for Boruto.

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Does Boruto's new-found control over Karma affect the future in the manga storyine

Clues from previous manga chapters

Chapter 59 of the manga revealed that Amado offered to rebuild Kawaki's karma mark to help him power up against Code, in an effort to protect Naruto who he sees as a father figure. While Kawaki hadn't agreed, this latest chapter solidifies his weakness without his karma, forcing him to rely on Boruto accessing his karma even at the risk of him being possessed by Otsutsuki Momoshiki.

If incase Kawaki has karma implanted into him again artificially by Amado, it's not sure how it would bode for Kawaki, especially since Amado's actions are often suspicious and morally ambiguous.

In the chapters following the death of Otsutsuki Isshiki, readers found more subtle clues connecting the current timeline to that of teenage Boruto and Kawaki preparing to fight each other. One major clue is Sasuke's headband. Up until now, almost every major confrontation has found Boruto donning Sasuke's headband, and the presumed battle with Kawaki will be no different.


Only, this time Boruto is seen carrying the headband instead of having Sasuke give it to him. Considering how much the Uchiha shinobi treasures it, one can't help but consider the ominous suggestion of Sasuke being dead.

Kawaki's declaration of "I'll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage" clashes quite harshly against how far Kawaki has gone until now to protect Naruto. Especially to the point of surrendering himself to Code without a fight.

The untested drug that Amado gave Boruto seems to have slowed down the 'otsutsification' process. However, the possible side effects that Amado had warned Naruto of, seem to have manifested themselves, and at the worst possible time, leaving both boys at the mercy of Code.

Possibilities of what might happen post chapter 64

It is possible that this new power-up would lead to Boruto facing the kind of wariness that Naruto faced as a child due to having Kurama sealed within him. Although, it is unlikely that Naruto would allow his son to suffer the way he had.

And yet, the Naruto franchise is notorious for such recurring parallels. As a result, the possibility cannot be completely ruled out.

Another possibility is that Sasuke takes charge in a way reminiscent of Jiraiya, training him to control his karma powers. This is, of course, assuming that they manage to defeat Code or at least force him to retreat without abducting either of the two boys. It would also require having Amado figure out Ada's existence from Code's words to Kawaki.


A final, and somewhat far-fetched possibility, is that Kawaki sets himself up as a villain in order to save Boruto. It is also expected that his threat to Boruto might require more reading between the lines, since his choice of phrasing it as "sending" Boruto where he has sent Naruto, feels intentionally vague.

This is mostly because he is shown to care deeply for Naruto and Boruto's words, "Was this the only possible outcome?"

Moreover, Boruto's control over his karma and the fact that both of them were fighting using weapons raises another possibility. It implies that they did so in an effort to circumvent their karma from absorbing the other's chakra, since both of them are on the same level during this time.

There, the question arises: Does Otsutsuki Momoshiki die, and does Boruto regain karma artificially in the future?

Predictions for the immediate future in Boruto Chapter 65

The most obvious possibility in Boruto Chapter 65 is that Naruto and Shikamaru would arrive in the nick of time to save Boruto and Kawaki from Code. While no longer equipped with Nine Tail's chakra, Naruto's own prowess with Sage Mode and his vast chakra reserves due to his Uzumaki lineage are more than enough.

Naruto himself admits he can sustain Sage Mode for much longer than before, especially without Kurama's own vast chakra interfering.

Naruto's improved sage mode (Image via
Naruto's improved sage mode (Image via

Very few shinobi can use Sage Mode at all, even fewer are up to Naruto's level. Readers may well be up for seeing Naruto get a new power-up in his first ever battle without Kurama by his side.