Naruto: Why did Boruto stab Sasuke in the eye?

Naruto: Why did Boruto stab Sasuke in the eye? (Image via YouTube/ Real Shinobi)
Naruto: Why did Boruto stab Sasuke in the eye? (Image via YouTube/ Real Shinobi)

Boruto: The Future Generations is garnering much attention towards the recent turn of events in the show. While fans may be experiencing a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, it remains one of the most popular Shonen series today.

Boruto fans were shocked by the recent turn of events as they witnessed the tragic end of Kurama and Sasuke losing his Rinnegan. How Sasuke lost his Rinnegan was quite unpleasant, and this has got the entire Boruto fanbase talking about it.

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Why did Boruto stab Sasuke in the eye?

In one of the recent episodes of Boruto: The Future Generations, Sasuke loses his Rinnegan as Boruto stabs him in the eye. It is important to understand that Boruto did not stab Sasuke’s eyes on purpose but when Momoshiki possessed him.

When the likes of Sasuke loses their Rinnegan, this impacts the Shinobi world as he is the Shadow Hokage. People of the Konohagakure rely on such people for the protection of the village.

One might wonder why Boruto was possessed. This was when Boruto was beaten up until he went unconscious, which allowed Momoshiki to possess him. During the fight, Momoshiki was able to use Boruto’s Kunai to gouge out Sasuke’s eye. This led to Sasuke losing his six Tomoe Rinnegan. This was probably done to prevent Naruto, Boruto and Sasuke from escaping using Sasuke’s Amenotejikara or the teleportation Jutsu.


Naturally, Boruto continued to blame himself for the turn of events. But Sasuke reassured Boruto and made it clear to Boruto that it was not his fault. It was only because Momoshiki possessed Boruto, which led to Sasuke losing his Rinnegan.

Fans are shocked and find it hard to digest this due to the bond shared between Boruto and Sasuke. He held Sasuke in high regard and learnt a lot from him. It was heartbreaking to watch the pupil cause irreparable damage to his teacher. This has made Sasuke significantly weaker in the show.

With Kurama dead and Sasuke losing his Rinnegan, any large-scale threat to the village will be hard to deal with as the people of the village rely on Sasuke’s and the Hokage’s strength.

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