Boruto Chapter 66 (Leaked Spoilers): Does Boruto actually die in his fight against Kawaki?

Boruto manga covers (Image via Shueisha)
Boruto manga covers (Image via Shueisha)

MAJOR spoilers for Boruto manga ahead.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 66 spoilers have been leaked and fans are going crazy over the latest developments. Chapter 64 of the manga saw Momoshiki Otsutsuki emerge once more, while chapter 65 had fans holding their breaths as Borushiki tried to kill Naruto, with Kawaki jumping in to protect his beloved Seventh Hokage.

But the leaked spoilers from chapter 66 takes the story in an unprecedented direction, with Boruto allegedly dying in this fight.

Analyzing Boruto manga chapter 66 leaked spoilers

Kawaki’s karma

The leaked pages of chapter 66 include the cover page, which features Kawaki alone. The title of the chapter has been revealed to be “Kill or Be Killed”.

Chapter 66 begins as we see Kawaki with Isshiki’s karma-activated form, with an aura surrounding his arm. There is a flashback of Amado suggesting he could help Kawaki activate the now-empty karma so that he could protect Naruto. Amado leaves the choice up to him, but judging by the very next panel showing Kawaki’s new eye with a transformed sclera, Kawaki seems to have taken up Amado’s offer.

Kawaki’s choice becomes pointless when Ada clears up Code’s confusion using her Senrigan. She reveals that Amado had known that the reconstruction of the karma in Kawaki had been completed. All that was required was for Kawaki to awaken the power himself.

Code realizes that they had inadvertently given Kawaki that final push. Shikamaru, whom Code is still holding hostage, realizes that Code is talking to someone and tries to figure out where his accomplice is.

Kawaki himself seems just as surprised, even though he remains silent. Borushiki is quicker on the uptake, however, immediately figuring out that this has to be Amado’s handiwork. He scoffs at Kawaki for being a fool who is manipulated by other people.

Kawaki versus Borushiki

The fight between Kawaki and Momoshiki begins in earnest with Kawaki attacking first. The pattern in his transformed eye changes as he sends nine chakra rods towards Borushiki, who evades them easily. Kawaki then proceeds to transform his arm into a scythe and swipes with it, sending eight nail-like projectiles at the Otsutsuki, who evades the attacks deftly.

But immediately after these attacks, four huge cubes appear in the sky, crashing down. Code notes that Kawaki can use chakra rods, shrink things using Isshiki’s ability ‘sukunahikona’, and even retrieve objects from a different dimension using ‘daikokuten’. He muses if Amado is trying to turn Kawaki into a second Isshiki.

Naruto also seems to realize that the powers Kawaki is using are very similar to Isshiki’s ability, and calls out to Kawaki, who seems oddly dispassionate about the whole thing. He suggests Naruto stay out of the impact zone but says it does not matter to him either way.

When Naruto asks how far he is willing to go, Kawaki simply says:

“I’m just doing whatever needs to be done, for your sake.”

His personality in this scene seems closer to the very first panel of the manga where he is fighting Boruto.

The fight between them intensifies, with Kawaki absorbing the rasengan Borushiki launches at him. Kawaki then uses an unnamed fire-style jutsu. The flames get absorbed by Borushiki’s karma, however. Borushiki then tries to kick Kawaki, who shrinks himself.

He returns to his normal size, attempting to attack Borushiki from behind who evades the attack. The two start fighting directly, Borushiki with rasengan and Kawaki with his transformed arm. He lands a hit on the Otsutsuki, who blocks and just gets pushed back.

Boruto regains consciousness

Just then, Borushiki’s left eye, which was closed this whole time, starts opening. As Boruto returns to consciousness, Kawaki takes the opportunity to pierce him with chakra rods.

Boruto curses out, presumably in pain while Kawaki says that it’s over, while using Daikouten to retrieve another huge black cube, intending to crush Boruto. However, Naruto saves him before he gets crushed to death.

Code simply observes from the sidelines, remarking that it isn’t much use killing Shikamaru right now, even though the Hokage did go against his instructions and made a move.

Naruto tries to get Kawaki to calm down, enraged that Kawaki would try to kill Boruto. Kawaki tells Naruto that his son is currently a demon targeting his life, asking him to back off.

A fully conscious Boruto sits up and Momoshiki keeps grumbling about the “brat” waking up, who quickly silences him, saying he had known the medication was a temporary cure, even if it did help him control karma’s powers to some extent.

Kawaki addresses him, reminding him of his promise to do something about Boruto’s karma. The latter agrees, admitting that he is prepared to go through with the last resort. He tells Naruto to send his regards to his mother and sister, pushing Naruto away with Wind Release: Gale Palm when he tries to stop him.

He then calls Kawaki his brother, asking him to kill him while he is still suppressing Momoshiki’s consciousness. Kawaki pierces Boruto through his chest with his transformed arm, going right through his back. After retracting his arm, the young Uzumaki is left lying there unmoving, with a gaping hole in his chest while Naruto and Shikamaru look on in horror.

Final thoughts

Chapter 66 ends on a chilling note with the protagonist of the series seemingly dead. But it seems unlikely that the main character of the series would actually die just 66 chapters into the manga, not to mention that the series begins with a glimpse of grown-up versions of both characters.

Boruto and Kawaki especially seem to be fond of speaking in euphemisms, so the “last resort” mentioned might end up being some card up their sleeve that only the two of them know of. But this event will definitely fracture Naruto’s relationship with Kawaki, so there is a very distinct possibility that Kawaki would voluntarily leave with Code.