Why Ada's obsession with Boruto and Kawaki keeps growing with time

The villain Ada in Boruto (Image credits: Narutopedia)
The villain Ada in Boruto (Image credits: Narutopedia)

As the Boruto manga progresses, new characters and antagonists appear, the latest of them being Ada: A cyborg created by the ex-Kara member Amado. Formed by integrating scientific ninja ware into the human body, Ada and her brother Daemon were created as weapons meant to destroy Jigen.

However, her hatred towards Amado along with her promise to kill him led to her teaming up with the white karma-seal holder, Code. Armed with his own ambitions, Code wanted vengeance for his master Jigen's death.

Ada's gradual obsession with Boruto and Kawaki

Ada could very well be described as a twisted mixture of Sakura and Hinata. Possessing the ability to make people fall in love with her, Ada's greatest wish is to find someone who is unaffected by her powers. She is seeking her one true love. Boruto and Kawaki become the perfect contenders for this title due to their karma seals making them part-Otsutsuki.

Much like Hinata, she is invisible to the objects of her affection, and like Sakura, she is likely to be rejected. However, unlike the two kunoichi, Ada suffers from the delusion that is likely induced by her siren-like powers.

Although Kawaki proposes to be taken by Code to protect Naruto, Ada believes that he wants to meet her out of gratitude. The cyborg reckons Kawaki would surely fall in love with her for trying to keep him out of Code's plans to revive the God Tree.

When Boruto appears and tries to stop Kawaki from surrendering himself, Ada watches the scene unfold with her senrigan. Finding Boruto cute as well, the cyborg concludes that she'd be happy with either of them as her boyfriend.

However, Ada's affections come across as shallow and superficial as she exhibits no hesitation at the prospect of sacrificing Boruto to save Kawaki.

With her origins and powers shrouded in mystery, Ada promises to be a very interesting villain in the series.

Ada's abilities and motives

Amado modified Ada to surpass Jigen's abilities. Despite showing a distaste for fighting due to its barbaric nature, Ada is believed to be a formidable opponent in combat.

She also possesses a rare dojutsu called "senrigan" that gives her the power of claivoyance. Using this ability, Ada is able to see everything happening in the world from the present up till the moment of her birth.


She uses this ability to help Code take revenge and will also, presumably, help him sacrifice either Boruto or Kawaki to nurture the God Tree. Amado also imbues her with the ability to charm or seduce people to the extent of having control over them.


The only people in Boruto that this power doesn't work on include members of her family, and those of the Otsutsuki clan. Ada hates Amado for depriving her of the opportunity to be genuinely loved by someone and has thus, vowed to kill him as revenge.

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