Boruto Team 25: Who are the mystery ninjas?

The lesser-known yet interesting genins from Team 25 in Boruto (Image via TV Tokyo)
The lesser-known yet interesting genins from Team 25 in Boruto (Image via TV Tokyo)

Team 25 in Boruto is a great example of the mysteriously lesser-known ninjas from the show. Much like Naruto, Bortuo: Naruto Next Generations features a massive roster of characters, although a lot is not known about them.

Team 25 has never appeared in the Boruto manga and features characters whom fans have only seen in the anime. However, unlike other anime, the episodes not adapted from the manga are also considered canon since the anime, and the manga started independently.

As a result, Team 25 from the Boruto anime is still canon, which opens up the possibilities of using these interesting characters further in the story.

However, the members of this genin three-person squad are practically unknown, and one of the members has rather formidable abilities.

All you need to know about the three-man squad of Team 25 in Boruto

Team 25 was first introduced in Boruto Episode 38, during the formation of the three-man squads. It is pretty unclear who the Jonin Sensei of Team 25 is, as they have been seen chiefly functioning under the orders of Sai, and at times, Sasuke Uchiha.

However, these three genin later get permanently assigned to Sai, as he believes their forte lies in intelligence-gathering missions.

The three-man squad for Team 25 in Boruto is as follows:

Hōki Taketori


Hoki (or, Houki) was long rumored to be the son of Kakashi Hatake after he was introduced in Boruto Episode 38 because of his face mask and his headband adjusted over his left eye.

However, as it later turns out, he copies Kakashi's style because of his immense admiration for the Sixth Hokage. His admiration makes him want to be as brilliant as Kakashi, and he is rather ambitious.

His prowess in Sealing ninjutsu and his eidetic memory make him an exceptional ninja, although he does not have any formidable special abilities under his sleeve. Paired with his leadership skills, he is undoubtedly a great addition to any Shinobi squad.

Hako Kuroi


Hako Kuroi is the most mysterious member of Team 25 in Boruto. A formidable puppet master (perhaps the only one from the Hidden Leaf Village), Hako does not even require to move her hands to control her puppets.

Furthermore, her prowess in sealing ninjutsu is impeccable, and she has shown signs of extreme intelligence and extraordinary perception.

Renga Kokubō


Regan Kokubo is the muscle of the squad, with his formidable brute strength. Additionally, he has a rather exciting Jutsu in his arsenal: the Shadanheki or the Quarantine Wall. Shadanheki is a massive chakra wall, strong enough to be able to withstand an explosion.

As the story moves forward, it would be interesting to wonder the roles Team 25 would play in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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