Will Naruto actually kill Boruto? The consequences of Borushiki's emergence

Sage mode Naruto Uzumaki (Image via Pinterest)
Sage mode Naruto Uzumaki (Image via Pinterest)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 64 was a revelation as readers were treated to Boruto harnessing the Otsutsuki powers without Momoshiki overtaking his consciousness. However, his sudden collapse mid-fight brought with it some disturbing possibilities.

Would Momoshiki appear again and if so, would Naruto be able to stop him? But the most upsetting question fans have faced is - would Naruto kill Boruto?

Note: The article contains spoilers for Boruto manga and anime.

Will Naruto kill Boruto if Momoshiki emerges again

Even in the Boruto anime, we find Sasuke asking Sarada if she would be able to kill Boruto if Momoshiki takes over his body and goes on a rampage. Sarada hardened her resolve to do whatever it takes to stop Momoshiki, even if it meant having to kill one of her best friends.

Sasuke has even been seen having a similar conversation with Boruto when Isshiki Otsutsuki reincarnates in Jigen’s body. The Uchiha admitted that he would kill the young ninja if things go south, because Naruto wouldn’t be able to.

In the Naruto Shippuden series, when Sasuke goes rogue, Naruto is asked by Gaara if he has what it takes to truly become a Hokage, even if it meant having to kill his friend. We witnessed Naruto falling apart, unable to deal with the shock of the situation.

There is no doubt about the fact that Naruto has become stronger and wiser with age, and now with his position as Hokage, the responsibility of the lives of the people of Konoha lies on his shoulders.

In the true spirit of a leader, Naruto tells the other Kages in chapter 57, he will do what it takes as Hokage.

Naruto in Boruto manga chapter 57 (Image via Twitter)
Naruto in Boruto manga chapter 57 (Image via Twitter)

Now, with the possibility of Momoshiki possessing Boruto in chapter 57, fans wonder if Naruto will have to kill his own son. Needless to say, he would not succeed, not only because of Boruto having plot armor, but also due to the first scene of the series showing the show’s protagonist very much alive.

With Code as a threat also present at the scene, there is a possibility that Naruto might not have time to wait and see how things turn out.

But it is debatable if Naruto, without Kurama by his side, would stand a chance against a reincarnated Momoshiki. So it makes more sense for him to take Code out of the equation first, either by defeating him or forcing him to retreat.


There is also the question of Kawaki’s ominous threat to Boruto at the beginning of the series. If Naruto were to face off against Borushiki, it would be a fight to the death. So Kawaki’s words imply that the Hokage is either alive, or has met his end.

With chapter 64 ending with a cliffhanger, it remains to be seen whether Naruto’s son goes berserk. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 65 is expected to be released on 20 December 2021.