Boruto episode 225: Sarada fights Cho-Cho, Amado gets an offer

Sarada vs. Cho-Cho at chunin exams (Image via YouTube)
Sarada vs. Cho-Cho at chunin exams (Image via YouTube)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 225 was Christmas-come-early with its perfectly paced mix of action and intrigue. Providing a satisfying conclusion to two anticipated plot points, episode 225 neatly wrapped up the fight between Sarada and Cho-Cho, as well as the mystery regarding Amado's apparent kidnapping and the possibility of him betraying the Leaf.

Boruto episode 225 highlights

Cho-Cho vs Sarada

The episode begins with two best friends facing off against each other. While Cho-Cho is serious about defeating Sarada and becoming chunin to keep her promise to Inojin, Sarada is less prepared to hurt her friend in an all-out brawl to win and become chunin. While it initially seemed like Sarada has the upper hand, Cho-Cho soon overwhelmed the young Uchiha and chastised her for not taking the match seriously.

We also witnessed a small scuffle between Shinki and Kawaki, where the former advises Kawaki to watch the match carefully. Kawaki later has to admit that it had been a match worth watching.

Sarada is reminded of Sasuke's words and her resolve to stop Boruto if he is fully possessed by Momoshiki, even if it means taking her friend's life in the process. Once she strengthens her resolve, the match intensifies, both shinobi being evenly matched, causing Sai to remark that Sasuke should have been here to witness it.

Naruto, knowingly, says that perhaps he already is, and we do see Sasuke in the shadows, watching. Sarada wins narrowly, and goes to meet Sasuke. She is immediately left irritated when her father asks about the whereabouts of her two teammates.

Boruto and Mitsuki find Amado

Amado gets an offer from shinobi from a small ninja nation (Image via Boruto)
Amado gets an offer from shinobi from a small ninja nation (Image via Boruto)

Meanwhile, things turn out not to be quite what they seem, as Boruto and Mitsuki spy on Amado being offered money and the opportunity to freely conduct research in exchange for producing scientific ninja tools for a smaller nation that seeks to use those weapons to defend themselves, and likely misuse them for expanding its territory.

Boruto and Mitsuki hurry to reach the chunin exams (Image via Boruto)
Boruto and Mitsuki hurry to reach the chunin exams (Image via Boruto)

For a moment, it seems like Amado might turn out to be a traitor, but he pulls through, admitting that he is indebted to the Leaf village and will not betray them. Boruto and Mitsuki rush in to save the scientist when the criminals try to force Amado to go with them, and once their job is done, they race back to the village for their matches.

Preview to episode 226


The preview to the next episode confirms our suspicions as Denki fights Tsubaki, thus, pitting Boruto and Mitsuki against each other. A highly anticipated fight, it is a tough tell who would win, both Boruto and Mitsuki being powerful shinobi in their own right.

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