Boruto: 5 ways in which Sarada is similar to Hinata

Hinata Hyuga and Sarada Uchiha (Image via Twitter/ @Bosalkov)
Hinata Hyuga and Sarada Uchiha (Image via Twitter/ @Bosalkov)

In Boruto, some of the next-generation Shinobis are carbon copies of their parents. Shikadai Nara is a genius like his father, Boruto is reckless like Naruto, and Metal Lee is as enthusiastic as Rock Lee. Sarada shares just as many similarities with her mother, Sakura, as she does with her father, Sasuke.

She inherited their stubborn streaks and tempers, however, she is far more similar to Sakura than Sasuke as he is barely around.


The following list will take a look at five similarities between Sarada and Hinata.

Similarities between Sarada and Hinata in Boruto

5) Their love of knowledge

In Boruto, Sarada might not be the smartest of her peers. But she loves learning and acquiring new skills. She does not necessarily have things come easy to her, but she studies and practices until she has perfected whatever it may be.

Hinata is also enamored with imparting her knowledge to others. Matter of fact, Hinata trains her children. Boruto’s fighting style definitely echoes that of Hinata’s fighting style. While Sarada has not been trained by her mother, she essentially has to find this tutelage elsewhere.

4) Caring nature

Despite Boruto regularly annoying Sarada, she is still impressed by his skills. In fact, Sarada admires both Boruto and Mikasa, especially since their abilities are so different from her own. Not only is she impressed, but she clearly cares for her friends and colleagues, as she always has their backs.

Similarly, Hinata is immensely caring. In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations when Himawari was sick, Boruto and Naruto begin to fight over the best way to care for her. Because of their arguments, Hinata kicks Naruto and Boruto out. At that moment she not only showed her rare anger, but Hinata then took care of her sick daughter in a stress-free environment.

3) Packing a punch

In Boruto, Sarada demonstrates her ability to control her chakra into her punches. Sarada also possesses a high level of strength and control. The audience has a clear view of her punching her opponent into the wall during the Boruto Chunin Exams.


This is similar to Hinata when she was in her prime. Back in Naruto, Hinata’s mastery of Byakugan was unmatched. Allowing her to be a worthy adversary for most individuals she is pitted against. Despite Chakra not even coming close to the power of Byakugan, Sarada is reminiscent of Hinata.

2) Likeable personality

Although Sarada and Boruto initially had some friction between them, they quickly developed a beautiful friendship. Sarada is quickly accepting new students like Mitsuki and Sumire, even befriending and teaming up with them. Her ability to charm others and make friends is not unlike her mother. Moreover, it is similar to Hinata back in the parent series, Naruto.


Hinata’s warm personality and kindness allowed her to form important bonds throughout the series. Even as a mother in Boruto, she maintained her kindness which would allow for the ease of friendship forming.

1) Taking risks for those they love

During the Chunin Exams in Boruto, the Leaf Village came under attack. Despite an admittedly admirable fight, Naruto decided to sacrifice himself in order to save everyone. Rushing to her husband’s side, Hinata tried to rescue him. She even helped Boruto to realize how important family is.

Similarly, Sarada risks her life for her friends. Matter of fact, she and Mitsuki even sacrificed themselves to save Boruto. This just shows how similar Sarada is to her mother, Hinata.

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