Boruto episode 223: Twitter fans hyped as Inojin vs Houki fight comes to a conclusion

The finalists of the Chunin exam (Image via Twitter)
The finalists of the Chunin exam (Image via Twitter)

Twitter fans of Boruto were blown away with the release of episode 223, and the episode definitely lived up to fans' expectations.

The final round of the Chunin exams have begun, but Boruto and Mitsuki are nowhere to be found. But all that shifts to the back of fans' minds as the fight between Inojin and Houki intensifies, with viewers hyping both up as each tries to tip the scales in their favor.

What Twitter has to say about Boruto episode 223

Episode 223 of the series gut-punched fans with nostalgia as Houki appears to be the spitting image of a young Kakashi. The young ninja idolizes the sixth Hokage Hatake Kakashi, dressing like the original Team Seven's beloved mentor and even training as ANBU under Sai.

The match was intense and evenly matched, with Inojin and Houki perfectly laying down their cards as per the situation demanded. Though powerful, Houki seemed to be the underdog in the fight. With Inojin being equipped with both his parents' signature techniques, a lot of fans were rooting for Houki over the little blond shinobi.

Although, it might have had something to do with people's bias towards Kakashi sensei as well.

Just when it seemed like Inojin was taking the win, Houki used his trump card and proved he was most worthy of becoming a chunin. And fans on Twitter seemed to like the plot twist a lot if the overwhelming number of tweets cheering for Houki were anything to go by.

Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki's absence during the chunin exam final sets the stage for the possibility of a new threat. Twitter users can't get enough of the dynamic duo as they gave chase to the shady characters who seemed to have abducted Amado.

The animation for episode 223 is top-notch, and with the not-so-subtle clues left all around, fans are anticipating something big.

All in all, episode 223 is everything it promised to be and more, and fans agree. Houki definitely stole the show and hopefully will continue to do so. Fans were also pleasantly surprised to see Kawaki in the stands.

Is Amado really in trouble or have Boruto and Mitsuki fallen into a trap? What can Amado be planning?

These are the questions the fans on Twitter are asking and are awaiting the next episode intently.

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