How is Naruto still alive without Kurama?

How is Naruto alive despite the death of Kurama after using Baryon mode (Image via Pierrot)
How is Naruto alive despite the death of Kurama after using Baryon mode (Image via Pierrot)

Naruto is loved by fans across the globe. His mental toughness and ability to keep pushing forward despite adversity make him a role model to those who grew up watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations left fans in a state of shock as they witnessed the death of Kurama. It wasn’t easy as they spent years watching Naruto and Kurama develop a special bond.

Kurama ensured Naruto lived in exchange for his life

In an attempt to defeat the Otsutsuki and save the village, Naruto and Kurama worked together and attained a new transformation known as Baryon mode. Both Naruto and Kurama’s chakras would be aggressively fused in this mode, similar to nuclear fusion.

This form is one of the strongest transformations shown in the series. Naruto was able to dodge Isshiki’s attacks with ease and was able to land a few blows as well.


This form is effective because each blow on the enemy chips away at their life due to the radiation. Every hit that landed on Isshiki took away a bit of his life, and all thanks to this Baryon mode, Naruto was able to save Konohagakure again.

This transformation is broken, and naturally, it would come with a drawback. In this mode, the user will have to expend more chakra than they can replenish, ultimately leading to their death.


Kurama ensured that the new form would feed on his chakra when they entered the Baryon mode. This led to Kurama emptying his enormous chakra reserve to a point where he could no longer replenish it, making sure Naruto stayed alive despite using the Baryon mode.

Kurama only expanded Naruto’s chakra reserves. Therefore, the host could live while the tailed beast perished during such a special case.

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It is pretty rare for tailed beasts to die, and when they do, it’s not because of physical injuries. It’s only because they no longer have chakra or the means to replenish it that leads to their death.

But they return to life hundreds of years later, when the chakra gets refilled and resurrects them, resulting in a reincarnation for the tailed beast.

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