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Ranking some of the strongest villains in the series (image via Reddit thread r/OnePunchMan)

10 strongest One Punch Man villains, ranked

One-Punch Man is a unique shonen anime and manga series created by artist ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. This series is the perfect combination of high-octane action and comedy. This series has well-written characters that make One Punch Man an exciting show.

There are a few very powerful villains. One Punch Man needs such characters because they need to be able to rival Saitama, who is capable of beating most people with one punch. Let’s look at some of the villains and rank them according to strength and their overall combat abilities.


Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the manga

Ranking some of the strongest characters in One Punch Man


10) Homeless Emperor

homeless emperor | chrollo lucilfer
the symphony of destruction

Ch. 187 | #OnePunchMan

Homeless Emperor’s offensive abilities are good enough to put him higher on the list. His fighting style is such that he uses ranged attacks. However, he is the absolute poster boy for glass cannon-type characters.

His defensive abilities weren’t all that great, which is a huge chink in his armor since it affects his overall combat abilities. While there is no doubt that Homeless Emperor is a powerful character, he certainly isn’t one of the strongest in the One Punch Man series.

9) Hellfire Flame

Hellfire Flame (left) from the One Punch Man series (image via Netflix)

Hellfire Flame was one of the few people that graduated from their ninja class with some of the best scores. He was ridiculously fast, but Speed-o-sound Sonic was always a step ahead of him. When Hellfire Flame consumed the monster cells, it enhanced his physical abilities significantly.


When he and Gale Wind attacked Sonic, the latter was visibly nervous since they could outclass him with both speed and strength. His performance against Flashy Flash is a testament to his overall speed and combat abilities. This character became a dragon threat level after the monster cells.

8) Gale Wind

Gale Wind from the One Punch Man series (image via Netflix)

Gale Wind is stronger than his comrade, Hellfire Flame, and this can be seen through his authoritative demeanor when Hellfire Flame is around. His speed was increased multifold by the monster cell. Gale Wind was an impressive villain who was able to catch Flashy Flash off guard, albeit for a brief moment. He even managed to land a mighty blow on the S-class hero but was defeated by him. This dragon threat-level villain went down fighting one of the fastest characters in the series.

7) Melzargard


Melzargard was one of Boros’ henchmen, and his mission was to nullify the fighting capabilities of the planet that he landed on. He was a powerful enemy who could shapeshift and could regenerate as well. His only weakness was a small spherical core that allowed regeneration, which on destruction, would kill him. It needed the combined efforts of S-class heroes, namely, Silver Fang, Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, and Puri Puri Prisoner. This formidable enemy required some of the strongest heroes to work together to defeat it.

6) Platinum Sperm

I’m really loving One Punch Man right now bc it’s so freeing, cathartic, and the art is so AHHHMAZING ??!??

Where else can you find a God Level villain called Platinum Sperm lmao


Platinum Sperm showed just how strong it was during the Monsters Association arc of One Punch Man. His speed surpassed Flashy Flash’s, which is a bit of a statement, and he also kept up with Garou after his monsterization process. Not only that, but he also endured Garou’s technique, Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist. In terms of strength, Golden Sperm beat Darkshine Alloy in one shot and claimed the hero’s power to be relatively low. Platinum Sperm is far more powerful compared to Golden Sperm, which puts things into perspective. This is an impressive villain that is at dragon threat level.

5) Geryuganshoop

Why does this Cup Noodles ad remind me of Geryuganshoop

One of the main issues with scaling in One Punch Man is that some of the villains might seem far weaker than they were simply because they fought against Saitama, who could one-shot them. Geryuganshoop was one of Boros’ most muscular henchmen and had solid psychic powers. This character successfully eliminated the friction between particles to shoot debris towards its targets at sub-light speed without burning the particles. Very few can boast about this level of power, and some might even argue that this character is possibly stronger than Tatsumaki.

4) Orochi

A coloring of Orochi Vs Saitama from One Punch Man.

I colored it around 7 months ago but thought i could repost it here to spread it more.

Orochi was the leader of the Monsters Association and was one of the main antagonists of that arc in One Punch Man as well. He could shape-shift and boasted massive power levels as well. Gouketsu mentioned that this was the strongest being that he knew of. His performance against Saitama was commendable, but much like every villain that comes their way, Orochi was killed by the Caped Baldy with ease. However, one impressive feat that this character has is that it was able to survive one regular punch from Saitama.

3) Fused Psykos

-anf warning spoiler one punch man

One of the greatest panel OPM, tatsumaki vs psykos Orochi

Psykos was the true leader of the association, and the only reason she let Orochi become the leader was to divert everyone’s attention away from herself. She had mighty psychic powers that managed to give Tatsumaki a tough time. Her strength only increased when she could fuse herself with Orochi, after which her powers increased exponentially. This One Punch Man character’s ability to keep up with some of the most formidable S-class heroes and deal a ton of damage to Tatsumaki is a testament to her strength. This character is a high dragon threat level character.

2) Garou

Clay bust of Monster Garou’s winged form that Yusuke Murata made and used as drawing reference for the latest chapter of One Punch Man. Is there anything that this man can’t do?

Garou is placed higher than Orochi and Psykos because of his current transformation and the potential he has to become stronger. In chapter 162, he realizes that his strength will only increase as his rage and anger increase. Not only that, but the creator of One Punch Man, ONE, mentioned that Garou is a character that is pretty close to Boros, who is undoubtedly the strongest villain that has been shown so far. The creator said Boros might be physically more robust, but Garou would perform better than Boros in close-range combat. Given his potential, it will be interesting to see just how strong Garou will be by the end of the arc.


1) Boros

I love Boros but I'm pretty sure it's his fault the opm fandom is so dumb. Of course the dbz parody would turn discussion into "how big is this new character's number and can he clap Saitama" only to be disappointed when he dies instantly in a series called One Punch Man

Boros is the strongest villain in the One Punch Man series so far. He was one of the few characters acknowledged by the Caped Baldy as a strong fighter. Boros’ latent energy is so high that he can blow away planets. During this fight, he sent Saitama to the moon, showing just how strong he was. He is a character that withstood a barrage of punches by Saitama. Not only that, but he was alive for a brief moment after Saitama landed a severe punch. Moments before death, he conversed with Saitama, which was a testament to his durability and overall strength.

Fans are excited to see how the current arc will end and the extent to which Garou would grow throughout the arc. Other entities like God are supposed to be ridiculously strong, but it hasn’t been mentioned in the list due to the lack of feats. Fans are intrigued by the addition of new characters and are excited about the future of this show.

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