5 most powerful One-Punch Man characters (and 5 who are weak)

Some of the strongest and weakest characters in the series (Image via Netflix)
Some of the strongest and weakest characters in the series (Image via Netflix)

One-Punch Man is set in a world filled with heroes who belong to an association that protects the citizens of its country. Naturally monsters too exist and try to wreak havoc in the city.

The series has introduced a variety of characters during its course. While some are ridiculously strong, others are extremely weak and can be easily defeated.

Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers from the manga. The list is in no particular order and was decided purely based on strength and overall combat ability.

5 of the strongest characters in One-Punch Man

5) Boros

Boros was one of the most powerful villains to have been introduced in One-Punch Man. He was so strong that even Saitama acknowledged his strength during the fight.

Boros' kick sent Saitama to the moon. Boros' ultimate move, Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, would have destroyed the planet. In the end, Saitama had to resort to using a serious punch in order to beat this mammoth of a villain

4) God

God is an unknown entity that seems to wield huge amounts of power. It was recently introduced in the One-Punch Man manga when Homeless Emperor's powers were taken away by the aforementioned entity. He referred to the entity as God and it was the source of Homeless Emperor’s powers.

The villain could create small sun-like energy spheres which had massive destructive capabilities. Based on what we know, this entity is extremely powerful and its true potential is yet to be discovered.

3) Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is an esper who wields an unusually high amount of telekinetic powers. One of the most impressive facts about her powers is that the effective range of her powers is over 100 miles.

When faced with a huge dinosaur-like opponent, she was able to pull an asteroid that was floating close to the Earth. She successfully pulled the asteroid onto the enemy and killed it. She is one of the strongest S class heroes in One-Punch Man.

2) Blast

Blast’s true potential is yet to be revealed. However, there must be a good reason why he is considered as the strongest S class hero in One-Punch Man.

In one of the latest chapters of the manga, he was seen opening portals to other dimensions and fighting beings that didn’t belong to Earth. It’s quite obvious that he is an extremely strong hero in the series.

1) Saitama

Based on whatever information we have so far, Saitama is undoubtedly one of the strongest, if not the strongest character in the series. He has the ability to take out some of the strongest villains with a single punch.

Boros was one of the strongest villains introduced in the series. However, the villain was taken out in an instant when Saitama became serious. According to the protagonist of One-Punch Man, his power comes from 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 10 kilometers of running everyday.

5 of the weakest characters in One-Punch Man

5) Tongue Stretcher

This is the first villain that fans encounter during the second season of the series. The first episode featured this villain trying to harm the citizens and King made an appearance.

The King Engine’s volume and his intimidating appearance scared this monster. The Tongue Stretcher immediately apologized to King and the rest of the crowd. This monster was quite weak and didn’t seem like a major threat.

4) Ball-chinned Kid

This kid happens to be the grandson of the founder of the Hero Association. This child was responsible for annoying Crablante who almost ended up killing him. If not for Saitama, this kid would have been in grave danger. He’s just a regular child with no special abilities and is one of the weakest characters introduced in One-Punch Man.

3) Crablante

Crablante is one of the first villains introduced in the series. This is when Saitama decided to save the child who had drawn nipples on the villain when he was taking a nap. This is when pre-bald Saitama took him down and decided to become a hero for fun. Crablante wasn’t really that strong since Saitama was just an average human being back then.

2) Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider is one of the most popular heroes in One-Punch Man. His unwavering sense of justice is what makes him this popular. However, he’s quite weak when it comes to combat. That being said, his help is essential when it comes to evacuating the citizens out of the blast radius. One might even argue that he’s the true symbol of justice.

1) King

King is perceived to be extremely strong by his peers. But in truth, his luck is so good that he ends up in situations when someone else defeats the enemy while he gets the credit for it.

While he’s considered to be an S class hero, he’s quite weak. His famous King Engine is not a special move, but the sound one hears because his heart is beating that fast out of fear.

Note: The list reflects the opinions of the writer.