One Punch Man chapter 153: God finally appears on the moon, and it's as terrifying as it sounds

God appears in One Punch Man chapter 153 (image via Murata)
God appears in One Punch Man chapter 153 (image via Murata)

One Punch Man is a manga and anime series that is written and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. This manga is quite popular for its beautiful art style. Recently fans of One Punch Man have taken to social media to express their excitement over the appearance of 'God' in the upcoming chapter.

The battle between master and student was hyped as it is, and the excitement only grew multifold with the appearance of a nameless and faceless entity that stood on the moon.

The appearance of 'God' in chapter 153 of One Punch Man

One Punch Man chapter 153 begins with Garou using the Exploding Heart Release Fist against Bang. The master is barely able to keep up with his vindictive pupil, who has showcased resilience and combat prowess of the highest order. Bang immediately tries to grab Garou from behind. Garou counters it with a kick, and the master barely manages to escape.

Bang could not believe his eyes as Garou shifted his stance, which immediately brought back some old memories for the One Punch Man fans. Garou performs the Whirl Water Wind Stream technique, something that Bang and his brother combined could barely manage to pull it off. Ban refuses to back down, and the two martial arts goliaths exchange blows one last time before Bang collapses on the ground.

Fans of One Punch Man were quite worried when Fuhrer Ugly stared down at Bang. The camera transitions to Zombieman, who has apprehended Homeless. While conversations take place between the two, Homeless asks Zombieman if he wants to know about 'God.' Just as he glances at the moon, an unknown entity’s hand mysteriously appears on the moon. The entity says:

“Silence. I am taking them back. Your power. Your life. They are both forfeit”

An eerie being known as God rises atop the moon in all its luminescence as it takes the life of Homeless in an instant. The next panel was fully colored by Murata himself. One Punch Man fans witnessed God in his horrifyingly divine state under the everlasting blue sky and a field filled with flowers.


It was at this point that the entire One Punch Man community was awestruck and expressed their excitement on social media platforms. While not much information regarding the entity has been revealed, readers are on the edge of their seats.

If this is the entity that granted Homeless the powers, it is hard to imagine the sheer extent of God’s powers and combat capabilities. Fans eagerly await the release of the upcoming chapter that will reveal more about God.