10 most courageous Heroes in One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man Heroes (Image via One-Punch Man Wiki, Fandom)
One-Punch Man Heroes (Image via One-Punch Man Wiki, Fandom)

One-Punch Man features a plethora of heroes ranging from overpowered to useless. These are the protectors that humanity places its faith in to defend them from monsters and aliens of all kinds.

The heroes are all carefully crafted individuals. Their personality traits showcase that strength and courage are often unrelated.

Here are the 10 most courageous Hero Association members in One Punch Man.

The Hero Association in One-Punch Man is stacked with eager fighters, but there are 10 who boast unparalleled bravery

10) Stinger


Stinger is not the most capable hero in the association, but he is one of the most willing. Stinger boasts rank number 10 of Class-A Heroes. He climbed his way to that point thanks to his Gigantic Drill Stinger and impressive physical abilities.

However, one principal factor of his courage is inflated self-confidence. Stinger has placed himself in danger multiple times in One Punch Man when taking on an opponent far too powerful, such as Garou. Regardless, he remains vigilant even when the going gets rough.

9) Atomic Samurai


This skilled swordsman slashes opponents he deems worthy of his blade (or death). Atomic Samurai's indomitable spirit is fueled by his unique Atomic Slash attack. He will fight anyone who threatens his pupils. If a monster dares to insult him, consider them dead. His zeal and combat skills warrant the number four ranking in the S-Class.

8) Puri-Puri Prisoner


Puri-Puri Prisoner, one of the comic relief characters in One-Punch Man, draws his unwavering resolve from the encouragement of his "beloved supporters" and his questionable moral compass. Puri-Puri Prisoner earned his hero name due to perpetual arrests for s*xual harassment. No cell bars can restrain this man, as he will easily break out of prison whenever he is needed.

7) Pig God


An indiscriminate eater, Pig God fears no monster that he can wrap his mouth around. This iron-stomached hero will gulp down even the nastiest villains and take pleasure in the meal. His tremendous defensive capabilities ensure that every fight is simply about waiting for the right moment to devour his opponent.

6) Silverfang (Bang)


Rank three Class-S hero Silverfang is as stubborn as he is old. Yet, his tenacity is not born from obstinance. One of the two most powerful martial artists in the world, only his brother Bomb can compare to Silverfang in a fistfight. The progenitor of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, viewers have never seen this combat specialist flee from a fight in One-Punch Man.

5) Tornado of Terror


One of the most powerful living beings in One-Punch Man, the petite but deadly number two hero holds the world in her palm. With overpowered psychic abilities at her command, Tornado flies into any fight that she deems worthy of her time. Her confidence is bolstered by her history of trouncing monsters at any threat level. Lethal strength and an untouchable presence lands Terrible Tornado among the top five most courageous heroes in One-Punch Man.

4) Metal Bat


Punk-demeanored Metal Bat is one of the most tenacious characters to be showcased in the anime. His Fighting Spirit ability grants him scaling power when enduring damage. Comparable to UFC fighters who fight through injury, this brash Class-S hero is determined to smash every opponent in view, regardless of his physical state.

3) Demon Cyborg (Genos)


One-Punch Man fans have frequently seen Genos put his body on the line to achieve victory. The cyborg hero does not possess healing capabilities. Therefore, he must be repaired by Dr. Kuseno every time that he is severely damaged. Despite this stipulation, Genos puts his all into facing every enemy he encounters. His impossible quest to achieve Saitama's level of strength propels the Demon Cyborg to stand tall in the face of any threat.

2) Mumen Rider


Merely a C-Class Hero, Mumen Rider proves himself to be one of the most admirable One-Punch Man characters. The seemingly ordinary bicycle hero maintains his position at the top of C-Class through his commitment to good deeds and helping common folk. Despite his physical weakness, this fan favorite has stepped up to the plate against villains who have crushed S-Class heroes.

After Deep Sea King dispatches Genos and Stinger, Mumen Rider throws himself at the Threat-Level Demon monster to prevent further suffering for Genos. Bloody and beaten, Mumen Rider rises again and again to attack a monster clearly out of his league. His drive to help people and loyalty to his title as a hero earned Mumen Rider the number two spot on this One-Punch Man list.

1) Saitama


Dubbed "Caped Baldy" by the Hero Association, the almighty protagonist of One-Punch Man ranks first as the most courageous hero. Saitama's immeasurable power is basically plot armor, much like King's strength. Being so overpowered has made Saitama apathetic. The carefree warrior is constantly seeking an adversary capable of withstanding one of his cataclysmic punches.

Some fans claim that the casual hero could even be a match for Dragon Ball's ever-evolving Goku. In an attempt to quench his boredom, Saitama will take on any opponent that presents themselves. His nonchalant attitude combined with a burning desire to fight a worthy opponent make Saitama the most courageous hero in One-Punch Man.


When it comes to valor, there are greater measures than strength. High-ranking heroes in One-Punch Man, such as Class-A Sneck, have cowered in fear before terrifying enemies. The true gauge of character is the willpower to stand before a powerful enemy, that many in the list above have shown fans time and again.

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