One Punch Man chapter 156: Release date, where to read, predictions, and more

Everything we know about One Punch Man chapter 156 (Image via Yusuke Murata)
Everything we know about One Punch Man chapter 156 (Image via Yusuke Murata)

One Punch Man is one of the most popular modern shonen anime and manga series. Combining high-octane action with comedy makes this a well-written show. Fans cannot contain their excitement as the upcoming chapter will continue the fight that was taking place between Flashy Flash, Garou, and Platinum Sperm.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this three-way fight will be. Here’s everything we know about chapter 156 of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man chapter 156 release details

One Punch Man fans are aware that Yusuke Murata releases chapters based on his pace and doesn’t really follow a release schedule. Therefore, it is quite hard to predict when the next chapter will be released. That being said, there are strong speculations suggesting that the upcoming chapter will be released on January 8, 2022.

Fans of One Punch Man can be on the lookout for raw scans during the second week of January. The manga will be available on Shueisha’s Manga Plus and Viz.

One Punch Man chapter 155 recap

One Punch Man chapter 155 begins with Saitama entering the battlefield along with Flashy Flash. Saitama looks at Garou and runs towards him. Just when everyone thought he would engage with the hero hunter, Saitama rushes towards Genos to make sure he is okay. The Caped Baldy offers some kind words to his disciple and improves his morale.

Meanwhile, Flashy Flash tries to attack Garou and catch him off guard. But the hero hunter is able to block the attack. Garou talks about how he hates being associated with the Monsters Association and that his main aim is to create a God-level threat. Platinum Sperm comes out of nowhere and attacks the One Punch Man hero hunter.

This ticks him off, and a three-way battle between Flashy Flash, Garou, and Platinum Sperm begins. During the fight, Platinum Sperm wants Garou to team up against the S Class hero and finish him off, which will allow them to focus on a 1v1 fight. Garou lands a punch on Platinum Sperm, and the battle continues.

People on Earth see geometric shapes in the sky and think it is an Esper’s doing. But little do they know that it is a fight between Flashy Flash, Platinum Sperm, and Garou.

One Punch Man chapter 156 predictions

The upcoming chapter from One Punch Man should focus on the fight between the three fighters. But it is hard to predict whether the upcoming chapter will decide the outcome of this battle. Another possibility would be that Saitama might get involved now that he's finally here and defeat both Garou and Platinum Sperm before they cause any more casualties.