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Comparing Yahiko to some of the characters from the series (Image via Pierrot)

5 Naruto characters who can beat Yahiko (& 5 who will be obliterated)

Yahiko was an important character in the Naruto series since he played a significant role in Nagato turning into a villain. This further led to Pain killing Jiraiya, a major event in the storyline. While he may have founded the Akatsuki in an attempt to achieve world peace, he didn’t receive much screen time.

That being said, Yahiko was a pretty strong character trained by Jiraiya, whose true potential was not realized in the series. Let’s see how some of the characters from the series fare against Yahiko.


Naruto characters that would defeat Yahiko with ease

1) Naruto


Naruto is one of the strongest characters on this list who was capable of going toe-to-toe with one of the Otsutsuki members. He has the Nine-Tailed Beast, which is capable of causing mass destruction.


After receiving the powers from Hagoromo, he was able to enter into Six Paths Sage Mode, which enhances his abilities, making him ridiculously fast and strong. He would obliterate Yahiko without any difficulty.

2) Sasuke


By the end of Shippuden, Sasuke was able to achieve perfect Suanoo and had the powers of the Rinnegan as well. He was pivotal in the story since he saved Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi from Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi. He also perfected the lightning release and specializes in fire release as well.

He is considered the strongest reincarnation of Indra, which shows just how strong he is. Yahiko is seen as a water release specialist and is at a low jonin level. Sasuke would be able to beat Yahiko with ease.

3) Hashirama

Hashirama plans to name Madara as the Hokage. #Shippuden
12:35 PM · Jan 16, 2022

Hashirama’s wood release is ridiculously strong, and in his Sage Mode, he was able to beat Madara, and the Nine-Tailed Beast cloaked in a perfect Susanoo. Hashirama was a natural talent, and his battle intellect was superior to the typical elite-level jonin shinobis.

Yahiko would not be able to inflict much damage to the First Hokage, who would be able to beat Yahiko without even entering Sage Mode.

4) Tobirama

Tobirama Senju from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Tobirama is considered a genius because of the sheer number of jutsus he invented. He was credited with inventing the Flying Raijin, Edo Tensei, and Shadow Clone, to name a few.

Tobirama was arguably one of the best water release shinobi in the entire series. Tobirama would be able to make quick work of Yahiko using the Flying Raijin but releasing an attack right after teleporting to the desired spot.

5) Itachi

Itachi Uchiha from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Some of Itachi’s abilities are broken, and he can deflect every single attack that Yahiko throws at him using his Yata Mirror. Itachi, too, is capable of having a Susanoo, and his Totsuka blade can cause a ton of damage and might end this battle in an instant.

He can also employ his genjutsu skills to create an opening. Yahiko doesn’t stand a chance against Itachi Uchiha.

Characters that would be defeated by Yahiko

1) Shikamaru

Shikamaru Nara from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Shikamaru is smarter than Yahiko, but his shadow possession jutsu is extremely situational. It depends on many variables that aren’t in his control, such as time of the day and the surrounding objects that determine the casting of the shadow.

Yahiko is a specialist in water release, but we haven’t seen his true potential. Yahiko was also trained by Jiraiya, which means he could take on Shikamaru and beat him.

2) Shino


We didn’t see much of Yahiko, but one would assume that he’s fairly decent since he founded the Akatsuki and was respected by some strong shinobis as well.

Yahiko can use water, fire, and wind releases, making him versatile in combat. Shino’s insects are great, but given Yahiko was trained by one of the legendary Sannins, he would be able to beat Shino in a 1v1 battle.

3) Ino

Props to our generous Queen Ino Yamanaka for giving out free flowers
1:03 AM · Apr 19, 2021

Ino is a strong character in the Naruto series who has great sensory perception. She can also use the Mind-Body Switch, but it might be ineffective against someone who has a strong will.

Yahiko was strong enough to build an organization that proved to be a severe threat even during the earlier days. Yahiko’s water release might prove to be too much for Ino to handle.

4) Tenten


Tenten is a unique fighter that specializes in weapons. But going up against a water release shinobi who has range and strength might be a bad matchup for someone like Tenten.

Yahiko was also seen using a sword which shows that he has a fair amount of expertise in wielding a sword as well. Yahiko would be able to beat Tenten with ease.

5) Anko

Anko from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Anko became quite lethargic and unfit after she became an instructor. She was pretty strong on active duty since she was trained by none other than Orochimaru.

But after she became an instructor, her reflexes and speed would have taken a hit which means that she’s not as strong as she used to be. Yahiko would be able to beat Anko using his water release and could even wield the sword if needed.

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