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8 new characters introduced in Record of Ragnarok season 2

Part 1 of Record of Ragnarok season 2, based on Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui, and Ajichika's manga of the same name, is now available to stream on Netflix. The plot follows the Gods' decision to annihilate humanity, but not before giving them a chance to survive. This leads to the Ragnarok tournament, in which humanity must defeat the gods in seven of thirteen matches to survive.

In the previous season, fans saw that the Gods were in the lead, having won two matches, while the humans only won one. Record of Ragnarok season 2 begins with the fight between Heracles and Jack the Ripper, which was teased in the previous season.


The series has many interesting characters, including mythological figures, legends, and even real people. So, here is a list of eight new characters to be seen in Record of Ragnarok season 2.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Ragnarok season 2.

Castor, Buddha, and six other characters introduced in Record of Ragnarok season 2


1) Castor

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Heracles' childhood friend Castor appears in Record of Ragnarok season 2 in the audience alongside the people of Thebes. He is shown to be suspicious of Heracles' methods, but he remains a strong supporter of his friend.

He genuinely cares about him, as evidenced by his desire to throw a rock at Jack the Ripper for murdering Heracles and his decision to respect his friend's wish to never harm humanity.


2) Jack Smith

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In contrast to the first season, Record of Ragnarok season 2 is rich in backstories. Jack the Ripper's father, Jack Smith, is an interesting new character. He is shown to be a talented British playwright but is ultimately revealed to be a deceitful individual who made false promises to Mary, Jack the Ripper's mother, about intending to marry her.

3) Isami Kondo

Isami Kondo (Image via Coamix/Viz Media)

Based on a real-life late Edo period swordsman, Isami Kondo is introduced in Record of Ragnarok season 2. He is the commander of the Shinsengumi, a special Japanese police force. The tall and well-built individual with dark hair is an expert swordsman who believes he can defeat Gods.

4) Raiden Tameemon

Shiva vs Raiden Tameemon (Image via Graphinica x Yumeta Company)

Raiden Tameemon is the representative of Humanity in round five of Ragnarok, fighting against Shiva in Record of Ragnarok season 2. Raiden Tameemon is widely regarded as the greatest Japanese sumo wrestler. His hypertrophy, which caused his muscles to grow uncontrollably and which he learned to utilize, is the key to his strength.


5) Hlökk



Hlökk is the eleventh of the 13 Valkyrie sisters in Record of Ragnarok season 2. She looks like a young girl and is obsessed with her appearance. She is quite intriguing because, on the one hand, she is pretty aggressive and arrogant, but on the other hand, she feels sorry for Jack the Ripper for being unable to express his sadness and even offers him some advice.

6) Buddha

Buddha (Image via Graphinica x Yumeta Company)

Another outlier among the Gods is Buddha, who becomes Humanity's representative in Ragnarok's sixth round despite being a divine entity. His easygoing and extroverted personality does not sit well with everyone, especially the Gods. He also defies the Gods on several occasions.


Along with his wisdom, indomitable will, and endurance, he is extremely strong, as evidenced by his ability to combat Zerofuku, Ebisu, and Zeus.

7) Ebisu

Ebisu (Image via Coamix/Viz Media)

Ebisu is the Shinto god of fishing and trading, as well as one of the Seven Lucky Gods. He was created from the soul of Zerofuku, who split himself after murdering a mother and son. In Record of Ragnarok season 2, he is shown to be short-tempered and unwilling to put up with Buddha, whom he regards as a traitor.

8) Shakespeare

Shakespeare (Image via Graphinica x Yumeta Company)

The English poet and playwright William Shakespeare also appears in Record of Ragnarok season 2. He is depicted as a plump man dressed in traditional Renaissance attire. He deals with the contradictory effects of his writings on people in this series, as Jack the Ripper became a murderer despite being a fan of his. But he sees humanity in the serial killer as well.


Part 1 of the second season of Record of Ragnarok presents the audience with newer characters, both Gods and humans, who have an interesting depth to their characters. Part 2 of the series, which is expected to have five episodes, will also be released in 2023.


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