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One Piece does have some ridiculous looking fruits (Image via Toei Animation)

8 weakest Devil Fruits in One Piece, ranked

Devil Fruits are a source of great power in One Piece, but not all of them are worth the bite.

Of course, the One Piece series makes it clear that even the silliest fruit can be very strong. For instance, Charlotte Katakuri is very creative with his Mochi Mochi no Mi.


Having said that, there remains a clear power divide between Devil Fruits. If someone has to choose between manipulating gravity or turning limbs into wheels, the answer is painfully obvious.

One Piece has a wide selection of Devil Fruits that require a lot of work. Most of these fruits wouldn't be anybody's first or second choice, for one reason or another.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.


Devil Fruits that are relatively weak in power, by One Piece standards


8) Kibi Kibi no Mi

This Paramecia fruit allows the user to create kibi dango from their cheeks. It's mainly used for taming wild animals and humans that are part animals.

The Kibi Kibi no Mi's presence on this list might seem controversial. Tama put it to great use in the Wano Country arc. Kaido's elite soldiers can be directly controlled if they have consumed a SMILE fruit.


Regardless, the Kibi Kibi no Mi is a highly situational fruit. Most animals aren't very strong in the One Piece series. Unless the user lives on Rusukaina, Tama's fruit doesn't have many uses. It should also be mentioned that Zoan fruit users are completely unaffected by it.

7) Fuku Fuku no Mi


Kin'emon can use this Paramecia fruit to make clothing disguises. It's quite effective in dangerous stealth operations, but it can also be used to warm up in cold environments.

With that said, the user requires small objects to create these clothes. This means users will need to have these materials on hand, or else their powers will not work. They also need to visualize what they are making. Those with a very limited imagination will perform rather poorly.

Once the clothes are taken off, they will disappear like the wind.

6) Beri Beri no Mi


Beri Beri no Mi users can split into multiple orbs and become immune to blunt force. This fruit was eaten by Marine officer Very Good, who used it against Franky in the Enies Lobby arc.

It's certainly useful against common enemies, but it cannot protect the user from Haki-infused attacks.

In this case, users can perform an evasive maneuver by splitting themselves apart. This will be necessary against sharp objects since the user is still affected by these attacks.

5) Sube Sube no Mi


Alvida can make her entire body slippery like soap using the Sube Sube no Mi. This allows her to slide off various surfaces. Most attacks will also slip off her body.

The main problem with this fruit is that far too many One Piece characters use Haki. Such techniques can easily bypass the sliding effect of Alvida's fruit. The same problem is also shared with the Beri Beri no Mi.

4) Kiro Kiro no Mi


Using the Kiro Kiro no Mi, the Baroque Works agent can alter her weight accordingly. She can go from zero kilograms all the way to 10,000. The ability to fly can also be very useful. However, her density cannot be changed, so Miss Valentine is still vulnerable to attacks.

Unfortunately, the fruit's strength is considered inferior to the Ton Ton no Mi. These users can increase their weight by metric tons. Machvise can do far more damage with his fruit. What also doesn't help is that Miss Valentine completely wasted her potential.

3) Jake Jake no Mi


This is a very unusual Paramecia fruit, even by One Piece standards. It was first used by Kelly Funk in the Dressrosa arc. He can turn into a jacket, be worn by somebody else, and gain their powers. Kelly used it on his brother Bobby when they fought in the tournament.

Of course, this fruit requires the full cooperation of another person. Users would have to rely on others to make the most of its powers. The only way to make it work in the One Piece series is through effective teamwork.

2) Shari Shari no Mi


Marine officer Sharinguru got the short end of the stick with this Paramecia fruit. Using the Shari Shari no Mi, he can turn his arms and legs into wheels.

There are certain applications that can make it work, such as fast travel and high-speed attacks. Unfortunately, it's completely outclassed by the Guru Guru no Mi, which turns users into flying human propellers.

Sharinguru's fruit is so mediocre that it never found its way into the One Piece anime. Instead, it holds the dubious distinction of being manga-exclusive.

1) Hito Hito no Mi


Animals that eat this Zoan fruit will have the intelligence of a human. Chopper is a current user of the Hito Hito no Mi.

With that said, this fruit is entirely useless when consumed by a human. They will also lose their swimming capabilities, which is a significant drawback in the One Piece series since most of the planet is covered in water.

It remains unknown if there is a hidden use for this fruit. During the Volume 20 SBS, Eiichiro Oda joked about human users finding "true spirit."


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