4 Devil Fruits in One Piece that are fairly useless (& 4 that can be surprisingly useful)

The Kiro Kiro no Mi and Sube Sube no Mi, side by side (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Kiro Kiro no Mi and Sube Sube no Mi, side by side (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece has its fair share of Devil Fruits that are between useless and useful. Creative freedom is a significant theme in the One Piece series.

Even a seemingly weak Devil Fruit can be strong in the right hands. The ability to become rubber seems rather strange, but Luffy makes it work with the Gomu Gomu no Mi. By contrast, Mr. 5 is rather lazy with the explosive Bomu Bomu no Mi.

However, some Devil Fruits are inherently situational, limiting their potential usage. Most One Piece fans would avoid these fruits entirely. By contrast, some underrated fruits have underutilized possibilities. This article will take a look at their overall worth.

One Piece Devil Fruits with seemingly little value

4) Jake Jake no Mi


Users can turn into jackets so others can wear them, which sounds rather silly. It allows users to gain the powers of the wearer's body. Kelly Funk first used the fruit on his brother Bobby, back in the Dressrosa arc.

Theoretically, this would be devastating if used on a strong person. However, this situational fruit requires another character to make it work. It's practically useless if the user is alone and by themselves. From what is shown in One Piece, the fruit also needs a willing host.

3) Shari Shari no Mi


This fruit can turn the user's arms and legs into fast spinning wheels. It belongs to Sharinguru, who only uses it in the manga. For some reason, the ability is never shown in the One Piece anime.

It's underwhelming fruit since it doesn't have much attack power. Franky was able to tank a single attack from Sharinguru. The similar Guru Guru no Mi is a much better alternative since it lets users fly.

2) Kiro Kiro no Mi


Miss Valentine's fruit allows her to shift from 1 kilogram to 10,000 kilograms. She can become as light as a feather or crush her enemies like a rock.

However, this fruit is the inferior version of the Ton Ton no Mi, allowing users to increase their weight by metric tons. Most One Piece fighters would likely choose the latter fruit since it deals more damage.

Another problem with the Kiro Kiro no Mi is that it's straightforward to dodge, such as when Zoro sidesteps Miss Valentine's 10,000 Kilo Press.

1) Hito Hito no Mi


Chopper's fruit is what allowed the reindeer to transform into a human. While the fruit is incredibly beneficial for animals, it does nothing for humans.

According to Eiichiro Oda in Volume 20 SBS, humans eating this fruit will gain no special abilities. On the contrary, they will still lose their ability to swim. This is highly detrimental in One Piece since most of the world is covered in water.

While Oda stated that humans eating it would "find their true spirit", he likely said this in a joking manner.

One Piece Devil Fruits that surprisingly have a lot of potential

4) Woshu Woshu no Mi


This fruit allows users to wash their opponents and leave them out to dry. It was eaten by Tsuru, a Vice Admiral who grew up with Garp and Sengoku.

It may not seem much, but this fruit is quite dangerous against villainous characters. Tsuru can clean out some of the "evil" from her enemies' hearts. It's one of the scarce fruits that can significantly change personalities in the One Piece series.

3) Sube Sube no Mi


Thanks to their very smooth bodies, users who eat this fruit will become slippery. Alvida is the current user, having lost weight upon eating the fruit.

It cannot be understated how useful it can be to slide off random objects. Better yet, it's also great for combat situations since most attacks would fail to connect. It would just slide right off the user's body.

2) Beri Beri no Mi


This strange fruit will turn users into multiple orbs. Marine officer Very Good is the current user, displaying his powers against Franky.

The most beneficial aspect of this fruit is the ability to nullify blunt force. Unless the user is fighting someone with proficient Haki, they won't worry about most physical attacks. They need to make sure their head isn't caught. Users are better off using this ability for evasive purposes.

1) Bara Bara no Mi


Buggy accidentally consumed this fruit back in his childhood. He can split his body into multiple pieces. It's similar to the Beri Beri no Mi, except users are immune to cuts and piercing.

Most One Piece characters rely on sharp weapons, such as Mihawk's slashes or Doflamingo's strings. Users can bypass their attacks, just as long as they aren't imbued with Haki. This ability would be advantageous in One Piece.

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