One Piece timeskip: In which episode does the timeskip take place?

When does the timeskip take place in One Piece? (Image via One Piece)
When does the timeskip take place in One Piece? (Image via One Piece)

One Piece is one of the most successful and popular manga and anime series of all time. The hype for One Piece is at its peak since the show aired episode 1000 and made an announcement about the upcoming One Piece movie in August 2022.

One Piece timeskip is a crucial part of the anime where the nature of Luffy’s adventures starts to change. The Straw Hat crew got much stronger as every member trained for two years. The timeskip in One Piece takes place in episode 517.


When does the timeskip take place in One Piece?

One Piece features a timeskip that lasts for two years. In these two years, all the members of the Straw Hat crew train to become stronger pirates. Despite the two years of training, all the members of the Straw Hat crew interact with each other just the way they used to prior to the timeskip.

What happens during the timeskip in One Piece?

During the timeskip, Silvers Rayleigh suggested the entire crew take two years off to train. In that period, Luffy accompanies Rayleigh and trains in Rusukaina, which is replete with dangerous monsters. Luffy polished his skills and learned to use the Haki under Rayleigh’s guidance.

One Piece fan-favorite, Roronoa Zoro, begged Mihawk to train him. Mihawk had thoroughly beaten Zoro in the past, which kindled a burning desire to become a better swordsman. One mystery that needs to be unraveled is Zoro’s one eye being permanently shut.

Nami decided to go to Weatheria and improve her knowledge of climate and weather. Nami witnessed the citizens of Weatheria come up with the technology that allowed the people to create small clusters of different weather types encased in a bubble. This inspired Nami to incorporate this technology into her weapon.

In One Piece, Usopp meets a warrior by the name of Heracles. During the timeskip, he works on his marksmanship and discovers a fascinating form of ammunition called Pop Greens. This enabled the Straw Hats’ sniper to shoot plant weapons like man-eating fly traps and bamboo javelins.

Chopper spent his time studying and perfecting his ability to control the giant monster transformation. During the two-year timeskip in One Piece, Nico Robin is able to create larger limbs and clones. Sanji improved his Haki and kicking technique while expanding his cooking knowledge to support his comrades.

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