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Asta and co are set to face massive threats in the guise of former Wizard Kings according to the latest Black Clover movie leaks (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Black Clover movie reveals the magic powers of the Wizard Kings ahead of premiere

WIth the release of the character promos for the Black Clover movie in recent weeks, excitement for the film is reaching major heights as the release date inches closer. Fans are eager to learn everything they can about the film's events, characters, plotline, and, most importantly, canonicity.

Although most of these questions have no answers as of this article’s writing, a recent leak for the film has seemingly divulged some key information on its antagonists. A Shueisha magazine, most likely Weekly Shonen Jump or its companion publication Saikyo Jump, appears to be the source of this most recent Black Clover film leak.


While fans came to know about the leak from the Twitter user and apparent series fan @PikkuProgram rather than the typical series source @nite_baron, the information does seem to be legitimate. They also interact with one of the tweets and say nothing about a lack of veracity, suggesting that these latest Black Clover movie leaks are indeed real.

Supporting villains’ powers seemingly revealed according to latest Black Clover movie leak

SPOILER ALERT: Descriptions of each Wizard King's magic in "detail".. You have been warned.

Seriously. I'm warning you.



Edward: "A Wizard King who uses magic to LOWER THE TEMPERATURE of space to absolute zero!"

Twitter user @PikkuProgram (Pikku) first posted their translations of the Black Clover leak at roughly 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, with heavy spoiler warnings. The full magazine page with movie details was also posted. In addition to detailing some of the villains’ magic powers, various shots of the movie can be seen with presumably descriptive text nearby. Asta also appears on the page as a drawn character alongside the antagonists.


The first former Wizard King to have their magic described is Edward, who can be seen in the top left corner of the page. Per Pikku’s description, Edward is “a Wizard King who uses magic to lower the temperature of space to absolute zero.” Absolute zero is a scientific term used to refer to the temperature at which point particle motion is at its lowest. Effectively, Edward’s ability should allow him to stop time, or at least stop the movement of those in space and time.

Spoilers; again. You're warned.

Still warning you.

You have time to click off.

Don't come complaining to me

Funnybunny: "She's got magic that creates magical soldiers like chess pieces. She is also very good at hand to hand fighting & physical battles"

The next former Wizard King to have their magic described is Funnybunny. According to Pikku, Funnbunny has “magic that creates magical soldiers like chess pieces. She is also very good at hand-to-hand fighting & physical battles.” This would seemingly signal that her magical creations will be what the rank-and-file Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom fight against in the Black Clover movie.

Jester's powers as described in Pikku's tweet (Image via Twitter user @PikkuProgram)

The third and final former Wizard King to have their magic revealed is Jester. Per Pikku’s translation, Jester is described as someone who “acts like a clown, but… is a highly calculating strategist who can create barriers and toys however he pleases with his magic.” It’s unclear what is meant by toys, but this will most likely refer to weapons and other trap-like tools considering Funnybunny’s magic specifically says it can create “magical soldiers.”

Without a doubt, Noelle, Asta, Yuno, and the others will have their hands full with these three Wizard Kings alone. Considering that main antagonist Conrad Leto’s powers have yet to be revealed yet, he is likely the most overpowering and fearsome of them all. With this in mind, fans can’t wait to see how Clover Kingdom’s best will overcome this challenge in the Black Clover movie.

Be sure to keep up with all Black Clover manga and film news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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