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  • Blue Lock chapter 220 spoilers and raw scans: Kaiser becomes unstoppable, uses Isagi to gain control
Michael Kaiser as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Twitter/@jiroxonas)

Blue Lock chapter 220 spoilers and raw scans: Kaiser becomes unstoppable, uses Isagi to gain control

With the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 220 out, fans of the series witnessed Kaiser using Isagi to peel away from Lorenzo and take control of the field. Kaiser was having a tough time ever since he was marked by Lorenzo. However, it seems like Isagi has managed to get him distracted as Kaiser used the opportunity to make his mark in the match.

The previous chapter saw Isagi stealing the ball away from Kunigami as Niko's meta vision was still too unpolished to surpass him. Upon reaching the final third of the field, Aiku blocked him with his newly attained meta vision. With no other choice left, Isagi was stuck, when Yukimiya arrived to help him.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock chapter 220 spoilers: Kaiser scores an outrageous goal!

Blue Lock CH220 Spoilers (1).
Isagi’s struggle & Lorenzo tries to take over the ball
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As per the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 220, titled Seesaw Game, the manga is set to resume from the events of the previous chapter. When Yoichi Isagi's path was blocked by Oliver Aiku, Yukimiya Kenyu came to help him from the right wing. Considering that Raichi Jingo, the only other passing option for him, was marked by Ikki Niko, Isagi decided to pass to Yukimiya.


As Kunigami Rensuke was absent from his position, Yukimiya had open space in front of him and would have been able to score an open goal. Unfortunately, that's when Don Lorenzo arrived to intercept Isagi's pass. When all hope was lost for the team's second goal, Michael Kaiser shocked everyone as he intercepted the pass and was about to place his shot.

Blue Lock CH220 Spoilers (2).
Kaiser in control!

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Shuto Sendo was aware of such a possibility and arrived to stop Kaiser with a sliding tackle. However, Kaiser's meta vision allowed him to avoid the tackle as he jumped over Sendo. That's when Aryu Jyubei came to help Sendo, making it look like Kaiser was going to fall on his back.

Nevertheless, Kaiser was unbothered by the tackle as he controlled himself mid-air. He used his Kaiser Impact to aim between Aiku's legs and successfully performed a bicycle kick. The ball went past Aiku and the goalkeeper in an instant as Bastard Munchen took the lead again.

Blue Lock CH220 Spoilers (3).
Kaiser becomes unstoppable and shoots with a Bicycle Kick!

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Everyone was left shocked by Kaiser's goal as no one was able to comprehend how he was able to perform such outrageous movements. The fact that everyone on the field had evolved, yet Kaiser was able to surpass them all by scoring a goal with a nutmeg was commendable. Thus, Isagi could not stop himself from praising Kaiser, as he accepted that he was a genius in football.


Final thoughts on Blue Lock chapter 220 spoilers

Blue Lock CH220 Spoilers (Final).
It’s a Goal! Bastards in Lead again!

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Blue Lock chapter 220 spoilers revealed how determined Michael Kaiser was to score a goal. No one other than him would have taken such a risk while being tackled mid-air by an opposite team player.

With Blue Lock chapter 220, both Isagi and Kaiser have been able to leave their mark in the match against Ubers. While fans would want to see either of them score the final goal soon, it seems like fans will have to wait for some time. Unfortunately for fans, as per the spoilers, Blue Lock manga will be on break next week.

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