Rachel, Connor, and Rebecca in Edens Zero chapter 218 (Image via Hiro Mashima/Kodansha, Edens Zero)

Edens Zero chapter 218: Saintfire Nox reveals her real identity, explains why she disappeared, and apologizes to Rebecca and Connor

Edens Zero chapter 218 titled Saintfire centers on Rebecca's mother Saintfire, a member of the infamous Oracion Seis Galactica or so it was thought until lately. Saintfire, or Rachel as Connor knows him, was discovered in a state of unconsciousness after being captured by Ziggy and placed in a tube to harvest her ether. Rebecca and others were able to save her mother before the Chronophage wiped out a chunk of the planet's time.

She only recently awoke, as revealed in the previous chapter. Fans have been wondering why Saintfire abandoned both Rebecca and Connor, and this chapter provides an answer.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Edens Zero manga

Saintfire Nox reveals her past in Edens Zero chapter 218

Connor and Rebecca confront Rachel

Saintfire Nox (Image via Hiro Mashima/Kodansha, Edens Zero)

Edens Zero chapter 218 opens with Rebecca and Connor walking towards the chamber where Rachel was housed. Rebecca is furious at her mother for abandoning her. She is also displeased with the fact that her mother is a part of some cultist church. But she is also apprehensive because her mother is a member of the Oracion Seis Galactica.

Rebecca and Connor enter the room to find Rachel agitated since the last thing she recalls is Ziggy attacking her church, but she recognizes them right away. Rachel tries to make a remark about how her daughter has grown up, but Rebecca will have none of it until she learns why she was abandoned. Rachel, unsure where to begin, begins with her identity.

Rachel reveals her identity

The Church of Saintfire in Edens Zero chapter 218 (Image via Hiro Mashima/Kodansha, Edens Zero)

Rachel reveals in Edens Zero chapter 218 that she comes from a religious family in Miltz, Yukino Cosmos. The Church of Saintfire is her ancestral home. The Church believes in time, and Rachel's family is one in which females have the ability to control time and must act as founders of the Church.

Rachel was groomed and expected to lead the Church, despite the fact that she despised living in such a family. So she ran away from home at a young age and ended up in Aoi Cosmos, where she met and fell in love with Connor, who was a lieutenant commander in the Freedom Force at the time.

The reason behind Rachel's disappearance

The fanatics in Edens Zero chapter 218 (Image via Hiro Mashima/Kodansha, Edens Zero)

Rachel explains in Edens Zero chapter 218 that after three years of living happily with Connor, the fanatic faction of the Church found her and took her away, as well as killing Connor for his relationship with her. So Rachel had to keep going back in time to find a world where he was still alive.

While Rachel was under house arrest in the new world, the fanatics came after her daughter for her unknown parentage. She had to go back in time a thousand times more to find a world where her daughter did not die. When her powers were nearly depleted, she sent Rebecca to the Sakura Cosmos as a last resort. She had also saved some money for her child's upbringing, but the people she had entrusted it with had betrayed her.

The Saintfire Church shrank in size over time, and their traditions were almost forgotten.

How did Rachel become connected with the Oracion Seis Galactica?

Rebecca's grandmother in Edens Zero chapter 218 (Image via Hiro Mashima/Kodansha, Edens Zero)

Rachel explains that she is known as an Oracion Seis Galactica due to her incredibly powerful mother, who previously held the title. During her lifetime, she was extremely feared. Rachel became associated with the group after her mother's death because the founder of the Church of Saintfire was given the title Nox.


Rebecca's family is reunited

Connor, Rebecca, and Rachel in Edens Zero chapter 218 (Image via Hiro Mashima/Kodansha, Edens Zero)

Rebecca admits after hearing Rachel's story that, despite living her life as an orphan, she was never truly alone because she had Happy with her. Her parents' survival elicited conflicting emotions in her, but she is now at peace.

While Rebecca expresses gratitude for meeting her mother, Rachel admits to always loving her daughter. The chapter closes with the newly reunited family sharing a tight hug.

A summary of what happened in Edens Zero chapter 217

Shiki (Image via Hiro Mashima/Kodansha, Edens Zero)

The previous chapter dealt with the aftermath of the battles at Lendard. Shiki, who was in Sakura Cosmos with the rest of the Edens Zero crew, was unable to inform Elsie's crew of her decision to remain in Lendard. Hermit and Shiki began questioning Clown in order to learn more about Eden One. In the meantime, Holy revealed that she will be abandoning her mission to arrest Shiki.

The mothers of Edens Zero's crew were also buried in their homelands in the time that had passed between the events at Lendard and the crew's arrival in Sakura Cosmos. Rebecca's mother was the only one who was still alive and had regained consciousness by the end of the chapter. Meanwhile, we saw Rebecca struggle with her emotions after learning that Connor was his father.


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