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Deku doesn't have the word "quit" in his dictionary (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: How does OFA work? 

OFA is a ridiculously strong Quirk in My Hero Academia, but it functions very differently from other powers.

Also known as One For All, this special ability once belonged to All Might. However, in the early days of My Hero Academia, he transferred this powerful Quirk to a young boy he believed in. OFA now belongs to Izuku Midoriya, also known by the hero name Deku.


This article will carefully explain how OFA works in My Hero Academia. It's a very strong Quirk, and it has multiple strengths and weaknesses. Deku had to train for countless hours just to master his abilities.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.


The mechanics of OFA in My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia's most famous Quirk plays by its own rules. It's a very unique power that can only be wielded by the right person.

Here's a brief look at OFA's history and what it can do.



All Might explained its history after Stain's defeat in the Hero Killer arc. OFA was created by All For One a long time ago.


Japan's most notorious villain had the ability to steal and transfer Quirks. He ended up giving a stockpiling Quirk to his younger brother. However, what he didn't realize was that his brother already had another power. All he could really do was transfer his Quirk to somebody else.

Both these abilities combined into what is known as OFA. The rest is now My Hero Academia history.

OFA can stockpile massive amounts of energy


The primary function of this Quirk is to stockpile raw power. Users can focus that energy on a single body part and unleash powerful attacks. They also receive a massive boost in strength and speed. During the Entrance Exams, Deku was able to destroy a giant robot with a single OFA punch.

However, the Quirk does have significant drawbacks in My Hero Academia. Users will take a while to get used to its raw power. Deku ended up injuring himself multiple times, such as breaking his fingers at the Sports Festival.

Gran Torino eventually taught Deku to use his full power throughout his body rather than a single part. The Full Cowl technique allowed Deku to use OFA without injuring himself.

OFA can be transferred from one person to another


OFA must be transferred willingly via a DNA sample of the current user. For instance, All Might gave Deku a lock of his golden hair. The recipient must ingest the DNA sample to gain the new power. Deku is currently the ninth OFA user in its historical lineage.

This powerful Quirk was designed to stop All For One. It cannot be stolen by him since the previous users have a strong willpower against All For One. Before the start of the story, All Might became the first user to defeat the villain.

However, after suffering critical injuries, All Might knew that his days were numbered. He needed to find a successor for the OFA Quirk. It ended up being Izuku Midoriya, a Quirkless boy who put his life on the line for Katsuki Bakugo.

OFA can even assimilate Quirks from previous users


During the Joint Training arc, Deku became the first OFA user to activate this special ability. He could now use all the previous Quirks of past OFA users. This is because all their Quirk Factors have merged with OFA itself.

One example is Blackwhip, which belonged to former user Daigoro Banjo. Deku could summon black tendrils for various purposes, such as grabbing people and swinging across a city. Most of these abilities, such as Smokescreen and Danger Sense, are fairly mundane by My Hero Academia standards.

It should be noted that all previous OFA users have a piece of their consciousness inside the Quirk. They can speak freely with the current wielder anytime they like.

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