My Hero Academia: 10 worst decisions that characters made 

This man is the reason his son became Tomura Shigaraki (Image via Studio Bones)
This man is the reason his son became Tomura Shigaraki (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia's characters, both heroes and villains, can sometimes operate on faulty logic.

These characters have made their fair share of disastrous choices in the course of series. Some of the choices on this list will be relatively lighthearted. However, the further down the list readers go, the darker the choices will get.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer and contains major spoilers from the manga.

Worst mistakes that My Hero Academia characters have ever made

10) Deku responded to Shinso at the Sports Festival


During the Sports Festival, Deku had to go up against Hitoshi Shinso. Mashirao Ojiro directly warned Deku not to answer Shinso's questions as his mental control techniques require a vocal response in My Hero Academia.

Deku did not heed this warning and ended up getting brainwashed during the fight. The spirits of former One For All users had to activate his Quirk just to make him snap back to reality. Even then, it cost Deku a broken finger.

9) Ida was easily tricked by Hatsume


Tenya Ida should've known better than to trust his opponent at the Sports Festival. Mei Hatsume convinced him to wear some hero equipment for the fight. In a state of naivete, he accepted her proposal without question.

Of course, she made a complete fool of him when she took control of his body. Ida only won because Hatsume wanted to show off her technology.

8) Mineta never learns


There's a reason why most fans loathe Mineta in My Hero Academia. His perverted antics can be difficult to watch. At the Sports Festival, not only did he inappropriately grab Momo Yaoyorozu, but he also tricked the female students into wearing cheerleader outfits.

Mineta never seemed to realize that his reputation preceded him. During the Forest Training Camp arc, he tried to spy on the women's bath only to be knocked down by Kota.

Mineta's schemes always fail because everybody knows what he would do in these situations.

7) Yoarashi caused Todoroki to fail his exam


My Hero Academia makes it clear that civilian lives are a major priority.

When Inasa Yoarashi and Shoto Todoroki competed in the Provisional Hero License Exam, both were highly recommended students who were expected to pass. However, they both failed when they started fighting each other.

Yoarashi was supposed to rescue nearby civilians while Todoroki fought Gang Orca. Instead, the brash students went after each other, thereby defeating the purpose of their exercise.

6) All Might gave Deku bad advice on OFA


In the early parts of My Hero Academia, Deku kept injuring himself with One For All's power.

All Might knew that the Quirk must be activated throughout his entire body. Otherwise, it will result in bodily harm to the user. Instead of directly stating this, he told Deku to think of his powers as a microwave.

As a result, the young boy continued to injure himself whenever he used his powers on a single body part (such as his fingers in the Sports Festival).

5) Ida went after Stain by himself


Revenge is never the answer in My Hero Academia. When Ida's brother was grievously injured in the Hero Killer arc, Ida took matters into his own hands. He wanted to directly confront Stain, a dangerous villain with a high body count.

Predictably, he was paralyzed by Stain's Bloodcurdle Quirk and left at his mercy. Ida only survived because Deku and Shoto Todoroki arrived on the scene. Otherwise, he would've been another victim of the villain.

4) Shigaraki didn’t kill Deku when he had the chance


My Hero Academia could've ended prematurely in the Final Exams arc. Deku was caught by Shigaraki in a crowded mall. The villain who could've easily killed him with his Decay. He could've even taken out everybody else.

Instead of holding Deku hostage or getting rid of him, Shigaraki wanted to discuss the difference between him and Stain. Upon the arrival of Ochako Uraraka, the villain took his leave.

3) All For One wasn't executed after his first defeat


The Hideout Raid is a pivotal moment in My Hero Academia. To finally defeat All For One, the legendary All Might used up the remaining embers of One For All. Shortly afterward, Japan's most notorious criminal was escorted to a maximum-security prison in Tartarus.

For whatever reason, the government didn't get rid of him right away. In the real world, death row inmates take several years just to face their execution. However, that logic shouldn't be applied in this anime setting. Regular serial killers are not potential global threats like All For One.

Predictably, after the Paranormal Liberation War, he made his escape along with several dangerous inmates. As a result, Japan is on the brink of the abyss.

2) Endeavor failed to properly raise his child


When Rei Todoroki gave birth to her son Toya, Endeavor had big plans for him. The Pro Hero wanted his children to surpass All Might because he knew he never could. For that reason, he arranged a Quirk marriage to create a strong fighter.

However, Toya's fire-based Quirk was too hot for his body to handle. Endeavor realized that his eldest son would never live up to his full potential. As a result, he set his sights on Shoto Todoroki, who gained resistance to fire and ice.

Toya grew resentful of his youngest brother since he was no longer the favorite child. After causing a fire by accident and nearly dying in the process, Toya set out to become a major villain in My Hero Academia. He is better known by the name Dabi, a man who desires nothing more than vengeance.

1) Kotaro continued to abuse his son


This is by far the costliest decision in the entire series. My Hero Academia would be very different if Tenko Shimura had a loving father.

Kotaro despised the hero society. Ever since Nana Shimura left him in foster care during childhood, he resented the concept of heroes.

Kotaro often took out his frustrations on Tenko, who expressed interest in heroes. Sadly, he ended up dooming his entire family in My Hero Academia.

When Tenko manifested his Decay Quirk, he accidentally killed most of his relatives. Although he desperately asked his father to save him, Kotaro responded by hitting his son. This caused Tenko to brutally murder his father, sending him on the path to becoming Tomura Shigaraki.

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