10 reasons why My Hero Academia fans love Tomura Shigaraki

My Hero Academia often gives its villains a chance to shine (Image via Studio Bones)
My Hero Academia often gives its villains a chance to shine (Image via Studio Bones)

Tomura Shigaraki is arguably the most popular villain in My Hero Academia, and for very good reason.

Despite his nihilistic outlook and destructive behavior, fans have grown to love Shigaraki's antics. The villain has been consistently popular in both the Japanese and United States polls.

There are several reasons why Shigaraki made such a memorable impact on My Hero Academia fans. At first glance, he seems like nothing more than a harmful edgelord. However, the character undergoes some major developments in the series.

Here's a look at why My Hero Academia fans love the villain.


Why 'My Hero Academia' fans love the main villain, Tomura Shigaraki

10) Shigaraki is honest about his intentions


Most villains in My Hero Academia justify their actions with a moral excuse. One example is Re-Destro from the Meta Liberation Army. He wants everybody to use their Quirks freely, which is why he believes the ends justify the means.

Shigaraki has no such delusions about what he wants in life. He once said:

"That weight in my heart is never gonna go away. It's why I hate everything. Every living, breathing thing just rubs me the wrong way. So why not destroy it all? Why not destroy everything?"

It's a fairly simple goal, yet he doesn't even pretend to be a good person.

9) He starts off as the underdog


Shigaraki is different from most anime villains, such as Aizen from Bleach or Madara from Naruto. Despite his dangerous Quirk, he wasn't always the unstoppable force of nature.

The League of Villains started off as a bush league organization, with major setbacks left and right. During the Meta Liberation Army saga, they had to resort to stealing food like a common beggar. Their lowest point came right after they defeated the Creature Rejection Clan.

Shigaraki had to work his way up in My Hero Academia. He wasn't always a top dog in his own yard.

8) Unlike most villains, he does care about his allies


Despite his misanthropic nature, Shigaraki deeply cares about the League of Villains. This already sets him apart from Overhaul and the Shie Hassakai. One leader looks out for his team, while the other disposes of them rather easily.

To prove this point, after Shigaraki defeated Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army, he asked the Detnerat CEO if the League of Villains could have some money.

7) Shigaraki depicts stereotypical gamer behavior


Shigaraki is a stereotypical depiction of the average gamer. He is short-tempered, prone to physical violence, and hates losing.

With that said, My Hero Academia fans still love him for that. Shigaraki is never without a gaming pun, regardless of the situation.

6) He gave Overhaul what he deserved


During the Shie Hassaikai saga, Overhaul was responsible for killing Magne and crippling Mr. Compress. Shigaraki wasn't going to let the Yakuza leader get away with that. He waited until the right moment to strike back, right after Deku had defeated Overhaul.

After the League of Villains intercepted a police transport, Overhaul was left at the mercy of Shigaraki and Mr. Compress. They managed to destroy his arms, thus preventing Overhaul from using his Quirk again. They also stole the materials needed for Quirk neutralizers.

Revenge is a dish best served cold in My Hero Academia.

5) Shigaraki proved himself to Gigantomachia


After the imprisonment of All For One, Shigaraki had to fend for himself and his League of Villains. The extremely powerful Gigantomachia only agreed to work alongside Shigaraki if he proved himself.

The Meta Liberation Army saga gave him the chance to do just that. After fully awakening his powers and defeating Re-Destro, Shigaraki put his name on the map. This was a major turning point in My Hero Academia.

Gigantomachia watched on with tears in his eyes, having finally accepted Shigaraki as the successor to All For One.

4) He is a legitimate menace


Throughout the My Hero Academia series, Shigaraki has been a constant threat to the Hero Society. He started off as a villain without long-term planning, which Overhaul and Re-Destro heavily criticized. However, Shigaraki is not someone that should ever be taken lightly.

Even in the early days of the U.S.J. arc, he put up a good fight against Shoto Aizawa. His strength and speed have significantly grown since then.

3) Decay is a frightening Quirk


Shigaraki can destroy anything he touches with his Decay Quirk. Anything that is caught within range will be reduced to nothing but dust. It's arguably the most dangerous Quirk in My Hero Academia. Fighting Shigaraki within grabbing distance is an insanely huge risk.

2) Shigaraki grows alongside Deku


Most anime villains start off at the top of the food chain. They often look down on the main heroes because of their higher position and power.

My Hero Academia is very different in that regard. Both Deku and Shigaraki grew alongside each other during their respective journeys as heroes and villains. Fans watch their characters develop from completely different sides of the spectrum.

Whether it's Deku at U.A. High School or Shigaraki in the League of Villains, it's refreshing to see them evolve at the same time.

1) He is a tragic villain


Shigaraki never had a chance to live a normal life, given his abusive father. It turns out that Shigaraki is the grandson of the great hero Nana Shimura. However, his father was extremely resentful of her and forbade any mention of heroes in his household.

During one fateful night, a five-year-old Shigaraki had fully manifested his Quirk. This resulted in the death of his entire family. With the exception of his father, their demise was a complete accident. This tragic experience is proof that My Hero Academia can go into really dark places.

All For One took advantage of the situation by taking care of Shigaraki, thereby influencing his worst temptations. The latter would eventually become a full-blown villain with hatred for the Hero Society.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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