10 My Hero Academia characters who have the most unique quirks

The Heroes in the making ( Image via WallpaperAccess)
The Heroes in the making ( Image via WallpaperAccess)

My Hero Academia is a story where your quirks matter the most. They shape your life, make you into the people you were supposed to become, and even determine how long you will survive in that world.

A quirk determines a person's life to the point where fans repeatedly see characters born without any quirks asking to be granted one from the characters with power. For example, in the case of Aoyama, his parents went and asked All For One to grant him a quirk, which inevitably led to devastating consequences.

As a matter of fact, the protagonist Midoriya was born without a quirk as well, and although he never asked for one, he was still granted a quirk when he risked his life to protect Bakugo. These quirks are also as interesting as they are deadly. So here, take a look at the My Hero Academia characters who possess the most unique quirks.

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My Hero Academia Characters with the most unique quirks

10) Oboro Shirakumo


Oboro Shirakumo had one of the most unique quirks in the entire Hero world. His quirk Cloud enabled him to make clouds that he could use in multiple ways. From transporting himself or even others, to shielding everyone from debris or even attacks sometimes, to yes, even flying - he could do it all. He had great potential as a blooming new hero. Unfortunately, his life was cut short.

9) Chizome Akaguro

Known as The Hero Killer: Stain, Akaguro has one of the most terrifying quirks of not just all villains but in all of My Hero Academia world. He is not only a master of martial arts and incredibly strongwilled, but his quirk Bloodcurdle enables him to immobilize his opponents for up to about eight minutes straight, if he manages to injest their blood sample. This quirk does have a lot of limitations, but in Stain's clever possession it turns into a formidable weapon.

8) Cementoss

My Hero Academia is a world where everybody is blessed with an insane amount of power. So, of course, with great powers comes great destruction. Now, even if fans become concerned about the school's budget to cover for all that, thankfully they have the Cementoss to come to their rescue.

His ability enables him to manipulate any kind of concrete structures, be it building, restructuring or demolishing them. This is what makes this humanoid hero a very good teacher in the My Hero Academia world.

7) Magne


Magne was a part of the group that invaded and attacked the Forest Training Camp. Her quirk enables her to magnetize her opponents as long as they within a 4-5 meter radius around her. She can even do it partially and force a certain part of her opponent's body to weild to her will. The quirk has different execution standards for different sexes, but it is a very powerful weapon in the world of My Hero Academia, where any edge in a battle can determine whether one wins or loses.

6) Edgeshot


The current Number Four Pro Hero Edgeshot's quirk makes him able to turn his own limbs into sharp strings. This very interesting and unique quirk, combined with his amazing speed, makes him a deadly threat against the villains of My Hero Academia.

5) Compress


Compress' quirk allows him to compress anything around him into a lightweight little marble. Be it his opponents or even the Earth that he's standing on. This quirk makes it very easy to participate in robberies and kidnappings, as their transportation becomes very convenient. This makes him a real threat to the My Hero Academia Heroes.

4) Wash

Wash's quirk makes him stand apart even in a world where everyone is blessed with interesting abilities. He creates soapy water from his body using his quirk Clean Bubbler. Interestingly, the stream of soapy water is strong enough to save people from falling and keep them afloat. Although that might not sound very helpful, he has shaped it into such a deadly edge that he possesses the title of Number Eight Pro Hero.

3) Moonfish


Moonfish's ability, Blade-Tooth, enables him to turn his teeth into long blades that he maneuvers into a deadly web. As disgusting as that sounds, it is indeed a very powerful weapon to fight with. He proves it time and again, even going as far as to push both Todoroki and Bakugo into a corner at once. In the world of My Hero Academia, where any edge can tip the balance of a battle, it is indeed deadly.

2) All Might


All Might and Deku's ability, One For All, is a quirk that is passed down generationally. Apart from bestowing great power to its cultivator, it even carries some inklings of quirks of its previous owners, making it one of the most unique and powerful quirks in the entirety of the My Hero Academia world.

1) All For One

The title of this quirk is quite self explanatory in itself. In fact, it suits him so much that he even started using it as his name. All for One can and does steal the powers from others and use them for his own methods whenever he wants. It not only makes him unique, but also turns him into the most formidable foe in the My Hero Academia world.

My Hero Academia is an anime and manga series that is still on the rise and thankfully no drops in popularity can be seen in the near future for this show. If you are interested in learning even more interesting news and features from the show, keep yourself updated here.