My Hero Academia chapter 337 (spoilers): what is Deku’s plan? Analysis and unanswered questions

Parallels (image via TCBScans)
Parallels (image via TCBScans)

My Hero Academia chapter 337 English scans were unofficially released just now and they confirm what the My Hero Academia chapter 337 leaked scans suggested earlier this week. However, many additional details have been revealed, and Class 1-A’s reaction to the U.A. traitor reveal seems more severe than it appeared from the raw scans. My Hero Academia chapter 337 is titled “A Disposable Life.”

Note: This article is full of spoilers.

My Hero Academia chapter 337 unofficial English scans leave readers with more questions

My Hero Academia chapter 337: Analysis

My Hero Academia chapter 337 begins with Dabi alluding that it will be bad for AFO’s “friend” if they are found out. In answer, AFO compares Aoyama to a cheap lighter, which one throws away when it stops working. He says that it is good if Aoyama succeeds, but if not, they just move on to the next plan, although AFO might be a little disappointed.

Readers can infer that this disappointment may cost Aoyama and his parents their lives. AFO then calls Aoyama a disposable tool and that he expects Aoyama to entertain him for a while. Readers might question if anyone is not disposable to AFO by this point other than Shigaraki Tomura, who is still writhing in pain with only Spinner looking after him.

In the forest

Picking up from My Hero Academia chapter 336, My Hero Academia chapter 337 returns to the forest, where Midoriya Izuku and Hagakure Toru confront the true U.A. traitor Aoyama Yuga and his parents. As his parents drag him away, Aoyama thinks back on how difficult it was on them when Yuga was born different from other children, and how they fell into AFO’s clutches because they asked him to give Yuga a quirk.

My Hero Academia chapter 337 shows that AFO had Aoyama join U.A. because All Might was starting there as a teacher. Aoyama also informed them of the locations of USJ, the mall, and the forest. His latest instruction was to get Deku to act on his own again, now that he has returned to U.A. high. This indicates that after taking New Order out of the equation, AFO has refocused his plans on acquiring or defeating One for All, and Deku by extension.

As Aoyama hysterically shoots his Navel Laser at Deku in My Hero Academia chapter 337, and Deku prepares to counter with his OFA, possibly with full cowl or Blackwhip, Hagakure Toru reflects Aoyama’s Laser before it can reach his target.

Some readers point out that Aoyama looks relieved at that. However, Hagakure is seen sobbing as well, as she angrily asks Aoyama how could he have been sitting with all of them in the same classroom when he has been putting all of them in danger repeatedly.

As Aoyama’s parents try to defend him in My Hero Academia chapter 337, Deku subdues them with his Blackwhip, and elaborates that Hagakure only stopped Aoyama from having to hurt others any further.

Those readers who did not get distracted by Horikoshi canonically revealing Hagakure’s face for the first time in My Hero Academia chapter 337, might ask if Hagakure’s anger was justified given Aoyama’s circumstances. However, one must consider the consequences of Aoyama’s betrayal, and no matter how human and understandable Aoyama’s actions were, the results of those actions still remain equally severe and traumatizing.

Class 1-A’s reactions

My Hero Academia chapter 337 then cuts to a room inside U.A. where Aoyama and his parents are tied to a chair and inspector Tsukauchi deduces that since Aoyama has lived with his quirk for more than a decade, his is not the self-destructing kind like Lady Nagant.

Principal Nezu asks the students to leave, but they refuse. They are visibly shaken, with Mina sobbing and Kirishima in denial. Bakugou is surprised how similar Aoyama’s story is to Deku, while Ojiro wonders how far Aoyama would have gone if Hagakure hadn’t caught him. Only Iida seems pensive, probably remembering how far he himself went against Stain when his brother was attacked, and empathizing with Aoyama. The rest of class 1-A, however, seem more betrayed than sympathetic in My Hero Academia chapter 337.

As Aoyama calls himself a rotten villain once again, Deku protests, saying that if he was a villain he wouldn’t have tried to save Tokoyami and Bakugou at the training camp. Deku further says that Aoyama’s message in cheese was an S.O.S., which Deku failed to recognize at the time. With firm conviction that Aoyama does not want to betray his friends, Deku extends a hand to him, saying that Aoyama can still be a hero in the last page of My Hero Academia chapter 337.

My Hero Academia chapter 337: Unanswered questions

My Hero Academia chapter 337 raises three chief questions.

Parallels (image via TCBScans)
Parallels (image via TCBScans)

1) Did AFO give anymore Quirk-less children a quirk in exchange for their compliance, thus planting spies in various organizations? If so, then did he ever approach Midoriya Inko?

2) Did Aoyama ever report the development of Blackwhip to Dr Garaki, and is that why it coincides with Garaki finally approaching Shigaraki for his development?

3) When Deku extended a hand to Aoyama in My Hero Academia chapter 337, Bakugou looked shocked, and then remembering Deku’s words that they can choose how to enter the fight with AFO, thought

“Is that your play, Deku?”

While some readers have speculated that Bakugou simply remembered when Deku extended a hand to him, and while that parallel is obvious, it seems like Deku has a plan in My Hero Academia chapter 337 and Bakugou has caught on. The most obvious option is that Deku wants Aoyama to turn into a double agent, and that would imply that Deku is not as naively kind as he was before.

Hopefully My Hero Academia chapter 338 will give us all these answers. My Hero Academia chapter 338 is slated to be released on December 19th.