My Hero Academia chapter 336 (Spoilers): Midoriya, Aoyama, and Hagakure

AFO controls everything (image via TCBscans)
AFO controls everything (image via TCBscans)
Aratrika Baidya

The English scans of My Hero Academia chapter 336 were released unofficially today, and they clarify several points from the raw scans that were leaked earlier this week.

My Hero Academia chapter 336 brings with it the miniscule training sequence that shows the development of the students, primarily that of Bakugou Katsuki and Todoroki Shouto, and reveals the real U.A. traitor and Midoriya Izuku’s confrontation with them. My Hero Academia chapter 336 is titled Villain.

Midoriya confronts real U.A. traitor Aoyama in My Hero Academia chapter 336

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The training grounds

My Hero Academia chapter 336 opens with Bakugou using his new move, Cluster, on Midoriya. Bakugou explains that he explodes multiple spheres of sweat simultaneously and to produce more sweat he is wearing his winter costume. Todoroki has honed his control over his fire-side to be on par with his ice-side, and can now use both simultaneously on the same level.

Yaoyorozu and Bakugou explaining the state of affairs (image via TCBscans)
Yaoyorozu and Bakugou explaining the state of affairs (image via TCBscans)

Kaminari Denki says that the villains are weakened, and Gigantomachia is still captured, so the heroes have a fighting chance, and My Hero Academia chapter 336 cuts to a steel structure that is presumably holding Gigantomachia.

Bakugou and Yaoyorozu Momo explain that there are 3 counters to that: firstly, AFO and Shigaraki are impossible to find; secondly, even in his incomplete state Shigaraki could not be defeated; and finally, the villains have more information and as such, will be the ones to dictate the fight.

As Midoriya resolves to go out and search for Shigaraki, Iida Tenya reminds him that he is no longer alone, and his friends will go with him. My Hero Academia Chapter 336 then states that Uraraka Ochako’s speech has calmed both the heroes and the civilians, and has returned U.A. to a momentary period of peace.

The real U.A. traitor

Hagakure's concern (image via TCBscans)
Hagakure's concern (image via TCBscans)

However, My Hero Academia chapter 336 immediately cuts to the forest surrounding U.A. High, where Hagakure Toru is seen spying on someone. Hagakure has been worried about a classmate since the Gunga Mountain raid, and even more so when this person seemed depressed after Midoriya returned to U.A. High.

Hagakure sees three people talking and two of them tell the third person that they must continue to do AFO’s bidding, or else he will kill them. My Hero Academia chapter 336 then shows Aoyama Yuga’s crying face as it is revealed that Aoyama is the real U.A. traitor.

#mhaspoilers #mha336 This panel with the "please save us yuga" really got me havent felt like this abt a mha chapter since 326

The two people, Aoyama’s parents, reveal that Aoyama was born quirk-less, and in order for him to have a normal life and be happy, his parents asked AFO to give Aoyama a quirk, his Navel Laser.

In return, Aoyama had to do everything AFO says even before he got into U.A., and it is strongly implied that he got into U.A. on AFO’s orders as well. Aoyama then breaks down in tears and says that he does not want to betray his friends or help the villains, but he also wants to protect his parents.

Aoyama's confession (image via TCBscans)
Aoyama's confession (image via TCBscans)

Hagakure cannot believe what she finds out, and decides that she should find a teacher, but someone approaches her. My Hero Academia chapter 336 reveals it to be Midoriya, who, along with Hagakure, confronts Aoyama in disbelief.

Despite his parent’s warnings, Aoyama chooses to confess, telling Midoriya that he had helped the villains in both USJ and the training camp attacks. As the three friends are left at a conflict, the last panel of My Hero Academia chapter 336 shows the message in cheese that Aoyama left outside Midoriya’s window back in chapter 168, meaning “I know”.

Final thoughts

"Horikoshi never forgets setup and always pays it off." - my statement. Yeah, Hori is a master writer guys. He hinted at Aoyama being the traitor here on his face and so many other times. The chapters called "The Strange Tale of Aoyama" Of course this was coming. #MHA336 #MHA

It’s uncertain if the readers will get any more training montages of other characters except Bakugou or Todoroki. The heroes are certainly at a disadvantage and the villains are also recuperating, as shown in My Hero Academia chapter 335.

The revelation of Aoyama Yuga as the U.A. traitor in My Hero Academia chapter 336 fits perfectly with the story so far, and with the disclosure of his backstory, a strong bond of empathy has been established between him and Midoriya.

Since Aoyama is not a traitor by choice, Midoriya will most certainly try to help him. But some readers have speculated that AFO, sinister as he is, must have booby-trapped the quirk he gave Aoyama in the same way he did with Lady Nagant, and Aoyama will also meet the same fate.

Aoyama's predicament (image via TCBscans, Color: eYuler)
Aoyama's predicament (image via TCBscans, Color: eYuler)

My Hero Academia chapter 336 officially comes out on December 5th, and also the 4th for some regions. Readers can support the mangaka by reading My Hero Academia chapter 336 on, Manga Plus, or any of Shueisha’s official online platforms.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider
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