My Hero Academia Chapter 336 (Leaked Scans): The real U.A. traitor, spoilers, where to read and more

Hagakure was spying on the real U.A. traitor! (image via
Hagakure was spying on the real U.A. traitor! (image via
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Some raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 336 were leaked today, and what fans speculated about Hagakure Toru seems to have come true. Here is what we know so far from the leaks and further speculation.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 (leaked scans): Who is the real U.A. traitor?

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 had the fandom in shock after what seemed like a traitor reveal by putting Hagakure Toru on the last page as the long-anticipated U.A. traitor. While many fans thought it made sense, others believed Hagakure to be a red herring, which is true. My Hero Academia Chapter 336 is titled “Villains.”

The training sequence

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 leaked scans show the anticipated training arc in the first few panels. Bakugou’s cluster is inspired by Endeavor, and he explodes multiple spheres of sweat simultaneously. Todoroki, on the other hand, is mastering his control over both sides to bring them to a level.

As Kaminari and Mineta speculate that the villains are weakened, a steel structure is shown where Gigantomachia is probably being kept.

But in leaked scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 336, Bakugou counters them with 3 points. First, AFO is impossible to find; second, even in his weakened state, Shigaraki could not be caught or defeated; third, AFO must have backup plans for any scenario where Star and Stripe overpower Shigaraki.

As they concentrate on their training, Deku says he still wants t go and find Shigaraki. Iida reminds him that it's not “he” but “they”, that Deku is not alone anymore, and Uraraka’s speech has brought the students and civilians much closer.

Hagakure was just Spying


My Hero Academia Chapter 336 then cuts to Hagakure Toru in the forest, spying on three people. She thinks back on how she had been worried about one of her classmates since he seemed to be depressed, and even after Midoriya returned, this person has not smiled even once. Out of her concern, she started to spy on him, but she then unearthed the truth: Aoyama Yuga is the true UA traitor.

The real U.A. traitor

My hero academia chapter 336 translations "The moment of truth"Aoyama parents :You have to do it or we will be killed yuga! #MHASpoilers #bnha336 #MHA336 #Aoyama

The leaked scan of My Hero Academia Chapter 336 then reveals that the three people Hagakure was spying on are Aoyama and his parents. While Aoyama cries and refuses to betray others, his parents force him, saying they don’t want to do this either, but AFO will kill them if they refuse.

Hagakure then realizes that Aoyama informed the villains of USJ and the forest, and Aoyama was indeed unscathed during the attack. But it is then that the most shocking fact about Aoyama is revealed.

Aoyama’s connection with AFO

#MHASpoilers #MHA336 #BNHA336this should’ve been our moment of realization

As Aoyama’s mother says they just wanted their son to be happy, My Hero Academia Chapter 336 cuts to a small flashback. She asks a younger Aoyama, “do you want to be like everyone else, Yuga?" and he replies:

"Yes, because being the only one different is scary.”

It is revealed that Aoyama was born Quirk-less and was ostracized exactly like how Deku was. His parents requested AFO to give him his Navel Laser quirk.

“i am a disgusting villain, midoriya” no, you are not #mha336 #bnha336 #MHASpoilers

In the leaked scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 336, we see panels of Aoyama breaking down crying, then Deku’s shocked face. It's hard to be sure right now if these are from the same sequence. The last panel of My Hero AcademiaChapter 336 shows Deku possibly confronting Aoyama, who tearfully calls himself a villain.

Final thoughts

#MHASpoilers #MHA336 #BNHA336no but on a serious note— afo’s tactic of manipulating children into doing his bidding is actually horrifying and we don’t talk about it enough

Unlike My Hero Academia Chapter 335, My Hero Academia Chapter 336 does not reveal completely unexpected things. We had more than enough hints of Aoyama to be the traitor, too many to list here, which is why it shocked so many fans when mangaka Horikoshi Kohei implied in the last chapter that Hagakure was the traitor.

It is quite possible that OFA went out of control the night before the joint training arc because Deku’s still undeveloped Danger Sense picked up Aoyama spying on him and reacted accordingly. Speculations of why Hagakure might be forced to betray her friends can be perfectly applied to Aoyama instead.

#BNHA336 #MHA336Deku and Aoyama are two sides of the same coin. Opposites but the same, the two got offered an opportunity to be like everyone else but only one of them was lucky enough to put it to a honorable use

When Aoyama had told Deku that he understands how Deku feels, it was more than just their quirks being incompatible with their bodies, but also that they were both born Quirk-less.

The leaked scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 336 absolve Hagakure of all accusations and speculations but raise more questions regarding Aoyama’s situation.

It is made clear that he isn’t a spy for his profit of pleasure but has layered reasons, chief of which is the danger to his parents and his own lives. If Deku can resolve to save Shigaraki, it is almost certain that he would also vow to save Aoyama from this situation.

#MHASpoilers #MHA336 #bnha336 Saw a LOT of confusion out there, but no! Hagakure is NOT the traitor, she's in fact the one who finds out Aoyama is, and brings Deku to himGlad to see she finally uses her invisibility for spying

But we have to wait for the official scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 336 to be released for more clarifications. The leaked pages can be found on Twitter and some online platforms.

The official My Hero Academia Chapter 336 will be available for reading on, Manga plus, and in Weekly Shonen Jump on December 5th, December 4th for some regions.

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