Is Hagakure Toru really the U.A. traitor? 'My Hero Academia' Chapter 335 (leaked spoilers)

Hagakure Toru may not be the U.A. traitor (Image via Studio Bones)
Hagakure Toru may not be the U.A. traitor (Image via Studio Bones)
Aratrika Baidya

The last page of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 leaked scans show Hagakure Toru as the U.A. traitor. But as the English translation of the page was leaked, the chapter's end notes say, “Is the U.A. traitor really ….?” Hinting that Hagakure Toru may not be the real traitor. Here are the three most probable theories that have come up in the fandom.

3 possible theories suggesting that Hagakure Toru may not be the U.A. traitor

While most of the fandom is certain that the long-standing speculation “Hagakure Toru is the U.A. traitor” has finally been confirmed with the release of the raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 335, many are skeptical.

A part of the fandom believes that it’s too convenient for the person with the Invisibility Quirk to be the spy, and Horikoshi Kohei will not go down that cliché route. Along with that, the question in the end-note has given rise to many fan theories as to why Hagakure Toru is portrayed in the last page as she is. Below are the three most probable ones.

Principal Nezu worried about the Mole (Image via Viz)
Principal Nezu worried about the Mole (Image via Viz)

3) Hagakure Toru is a red herring

The side note is confusing me. WHAT IF, Hagakure's is not the real traitor but U.A.'s spy that on a mission to know who's the real U.A traitor OR, I THINK, it's time to accept that she's the real traitor. #MHASpoilers #MHA335 #hagakure #MyHeroAcademia335

Some believe that Hagakure might just be a decoy, or even a distraction, but not the real U.A. traitor. While it seems unlikely that Horikoshi would simply use such an important panel to pointlessly confuse his readers, he has been known to completely blindside fans before.

2) Hagakure Toru is somehow related to or the next target of the real U.A. traitor

The second line of reasoning would be that Hagakure was the unsuspecting target of the real U.A. traitor, or if they planned to use her in some way. It is also possible that she is close to, or even related to the real U.A. traitor. Readers know very little of Hagakure Toru’s background, so there are many possibilities for Horikoshi to play with there.

So hagakure’s wiki page was updated. #MHA335 #MHASpoilers

1) Hagakure Toru is spying on or will be instrumental in bringing down the real U.A. traitor

The most logical explanation would be if Hagakure is going to be important in bringing down or exposing the mole. Since the Star and Stripe segment has been completed, it stands to reason that My Hero Academia is entering the next part of the current arc.

If this segment is about the U.A. traitor, then it would make sense for Hagakure, whose speciality is stealth, to be instrumental in exposing the traitor. Some even speculate that since the U.A. authority, Principal Nezu and Present Mic in particular, had been worried about a traitor before. Hagakure might already be working for Nezu, Present Mic or Aizawa to spy on the U.A. traitor. In that sense, she might be featured on the last page in that manner because she is close to unmasking the traitor. Perhaps she already has, and it will be revealed in the next chapter.

Final thoughts

Either way, nothing can be certain until My Hero Academia Chapter 336 is released. Anything is possible, anyone can be the U.A. traitor, and Horikoshi is clearly keeping his readers on their toes. The official scan of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 will be out tomorrow and more details will be available there. The official My Hero Academia Chapter 335 can be read on or Shueisha’s website, and also in Shounen Jump magazine.

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