My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked): The U.A. Traitor Theory confirmed

The eggs have hatched (Image via
The eggs have hatched (Image via

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 raw scans were just leaked today, and mangaka Kohei Horikoshi seems to have subverted all readers’ expectations once more. While readers were left a little disappointed after My Hero Academia Chapter 334, they are now left reeling from shock after My Hero Academia Chapter 335. Here is what is known so far about the latest chapter.

Did My Hero Academia Chapter 335 confirm the UA traitor theory?

Recap of My Hero Academia Chapter 334

Star and Stripe's warning (Image via Viz, color: mor3color)
Star and Stripe's warning (Image via Viz, color: mor3color)

In My Hero Academia Chapter 334, readers witness the vestige of Star and Stripe disappear with the last of her quirk, New Order. The rest of the world refuses to come to Japan’s aid after what happened with Star and Stripe. Shigaraki’s development is delayed, and the UA students now have a whole week to train for their final fight. My Hero Academia Chapter 335 picks up from here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (Raw Scans)

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 begins with correcting one of the implications of the last chapter. It seems Star and Stripe did manage to destroy some of AFO’s quirks. The UA students believe that they have a chance to win. However, All Might reminds them that AFO is unpredictable and that they’re up against a lot of powerful enemies, including Dabi, Toga, six near High-end Nomus and others. Meanwhile, the number of heroes has been reduced by half.

#MHASpoilers #mha335 #bnha335rocklock, fatgum, and manuel are still alive and thriving AS THEY SHOULD BE

However, in the next panel of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 as usual, Bakugou shouts and reminds All Might that they have been training with the pro heroes too. Also, while All Might was looking after Deku, Class 1-A has grown stronger. Deku then asks if they’ll help him train, and Bakugou tells him that he will test his new technique, Cluster, on Deku. All Might looks at class 1-A and thinks that his little eggs have hatched a long time ago.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 then cuts to the villain’s hideout, where Shigaraki is writhing in pain. AFO calls Shigaraki “another me” and tells him to wait while his damaged quirk factor stabilizes. AFO doesn’t seem too concerned with the quirks Star has destroyed, praising Tomura on a job well done for destroying Star. Due to their connection, AFO can now feel Shigaraki’s hatred towards All Might and Star.

My hero academia chapter 335 translationsShigaraki :As long as someone remembers All Might This irritation won't go awayAFO :I'm sharing the stains of my younger brother, who has been fused and transmitted#mha335 #bnha335 #MHASpoilers

The next panel of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 shows Toga and Dabi. Dabi is impatient to attack Endeavor, and AFO tells him that despite the similar personalities that Dabi and AFO share, there is a big difference between them. AFO has been planning this for decades and he has made sure to secure victory at all costs. What ensures his victory is that, unlike Dabi, as AFO says, “I have friends.” My Hero Academia Chapter 335 pans to a long shot of UA, and with AFO’s last line, Hagakure Toru is seen with a hazy silhouette and her signature gloves. My Hero Academia Chapter 335 confirms that Hagakure is AFO’s informant inside UA.

I feel like hagakure as the traitor is a curve ball. Even if hori forgot, I feel like it's gonna be way worse than we imagine. What if she's not the ONLY UA traitor? AFO said he had FRIENDS plural AHHHHHHHHHH #mha335 #bnha335 #MHASpoilers


My Hero Academia Chapter 335 all but confirms that Hagakure is the traitor in UA, unless Horikoshi later decides that it was just a stylistic choice to put AFO’s “I have friends” dialog on the same panel where Hagakure is so mysteriously drawn. Unlike the “Dabi is a Todoroki” theory, which was confirmed during the War Arc, the “UA traitor” theory had fewer clues and seemed far-fetched. However, having it confirmed also clarifies a few things, the chief of which is the villains’ knowledge of UA students’ whereabouts at all times.

#MHASpoilers #bnha335 #mha335Now that I think about it twice. Hagakure was the one who suggested to go shopping in the same place where Tomura encounters Deku.We had the hint and never realise.

However, some things remain a mystery, such as why were the villains caught off guard during the hospital raids when Hagakure, like all other UA students, knew that it would happen. Hopefully, with the official translation and future My Hero Academia chapters, everything will be clear. We will also get future training sequences with a new flashy move from Bakugou as well Deku unlocking more of OFA, and the anticipated Todoroki family brawl.

At least we had decent Dabi panel.Dabi is already impatient, cause he hate seeing Enji is alive and doing well.#MHASpoilers #mha335 #bnha335

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 raw scans are available on a few online manga reading platforms, and will soon be available on Reddit. The official My Hero Academia Chapter 335 will be released on November 28. My Hero Academia Chapter 335 can be read on VIZ, Shueisha’s official website, and Shonen Jump.

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