How will Midoriya deal with Aoyama’s truth in My Hero Academia chapter 337? (Spoilers ahead)

Midoriya shocked at Aoyama (Image via Shonen Jump, color: XVALCLOVER)
Midoriya shocked at Aoyama (Image via Shonen Jump, color: XVALCLOVER)

My Hero Academia chapter 337 is yet to release any spoilers, but speculations run rampant among fans about the ways Midoriya will handle Aoyama’s traitor reveal from My Hero Academia chapter 336. Fans were shocked when Aoyama turned out to be the traitor in My Hero Academia chapter 336 instead of Hagakure. There are four chief theories that have come up.

Possible ways for Midoriya to handle Aoyama in the upcoming chapters of My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia chapter 336, it was revealed that Hagakure Toru had been spying on Aoyama Yuga due to concern for her friend, and discovered him talking with his parents. It is then revealed that Aoyama had been working for AFO unwillingly.

Like Midoriya, Aoyama was also born quirk-less and his parents had asked AFO to give him a quirk, in exchange for which Aoyama had to do AFO’s bidding his whole life, otherwise his parents will be killed. It is this scene that Midoriya Izuku stumbles upon, with Hagakure in tow. While My Hero Academia chapter 336 ends here, there are a few theories that have come up on how this will be resolved.

1) Midoriya will save Aoyama

The most probable outcome, in keeping with Midoriya’s character in My Hero Academia manga so far, would be for him to save Aoyama. Midoriya is compassionate and Aoyama’s situation is understandable, therefore Midoriya will empathize with Aoyama’s predicament, and vow to free him from AFO’s clutches.

With Aoyama’s quirk less past, not only can Midoriya relate to him, but he can understand that Aoyama had been trying to give Midoriya some support ever since My Hero Academia chapter 167.

The true question is if Midoriya will go to the authorities, or at least the rest of class 1-A, or foolishly decide to handle it by himself. As Iida Tenya had reminded him in My Hero Academia chapter 336, Midoriya is no longer alone. If Midoriya can resolve to save Shigaraki, he should definitely save someone like Aoyama.

2) Midoriya will reach his breaking point

Some fans are speculating that after so many things happened to him, Midoriya is in desperate need of a break, and will refuse to engage himself with Aoyama at all, leaving it to the authorities. While this would be very out of character for him, given the brittle mental state Midoriya had been in during his stint as a vigilante, it does not seem completely impossible.

Given that Midoriya is yet to integrate himself completely back into U.A. and mangaka Horikoshi Kohei’s penchant to completely hoodwink his readers with unexpected twists, this can be a viable possibility, especially since Aoyama’s involvement led to Bakugou Katsuki’s kidnapping, which is something difficult for Midoriya to forgive.

3) Bakugou will overhear

Speaking of Bakugou, some fans speculate that since he has a penchant for eavesdropping of Midoriya’s personal confrontations, he will overhear or come looking for Midoriya. As someone who had been most directly affected by Aoyama’s treachery, Bakugou will be the optimal person to truly assure Aoyama that he is not at fault for the situation he has been put in.

While this might seem out of character for Bakugou to reassure anyone, with his gradual character developments and his innate heroic nature, it seems not only possible, but very likely.

4) Aoyama’s quirk will self-detonate

The fourth and most tragic theory suggests that just like Lady Nagant, Aoyama’s quirk is also booby trapped, and will self-detonate once Aoyama has revealed a certain amount of information to the heroes or related authorities. As ruthless and as cunning AFO is, it would be a surprise if he didn’t employ a failsafe like that to Aoyama, whom he had sent to spy in a hero-infested locale like U.A. High, that too under the threat to his parent’s lives.

What remains to be seen in this case is if Izuku will realize the danger from his experience with Lady Nagant, and stop Aoyama from divulging too much before it is too late.

In conclusion

My Hero Academia chapter 336 delivered on fans’ expectations but left them with more questions and speculation. While Aoyama is revealed to be the traitor, his past leaves readers sympathetic to him, eager to see him saved from the grasp of OFA.

While these major theories and many minor speculations have come up in the fandom, nothing can be said for certain until the release of My Hero Academia chapter 337 on December 12 (December 11 for some regions). My Hero Academia chapter 337 will be officially available for reading on, Manga Plus, and Shueisha’s other online platforms.