5 strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia (and 5 that are weak)

Quirks often determine pecking order in My Hero Academia (Image via Sportskeeda)
Quirks often determine pecking order in My Hero Academia (Image via Sportskeeda)

Not all Quirks are created equal in My Hero Academia, as many heroes and villains can attest.

Quirks are superhuman abilities that grant people special powers. However, their usefulness tends to vary in My Hero Academia. More than a few Quirks are highly versatile, while others can be difficult to use (sometimes to the point of detriment). It really depends on sheer luck and genetic factors.

The most popular Quirks in My Hero Academia are highly regarded for their effectiveness in battle. Meanwhile, the worst ones have considerable drawbacks or lack of useful abilities. To stay up to date, this article will contain manga spoilers. Here is a look at the different Quirks in the series.

5 My Hero Academia Quirks that are incredibly powerful

5) Overhaul (Kai Chisaki)


This Quirk is unique for its destructive and restorative abilities. Former Yakuza Leader Kai Chisaki uses it to great effect in the Shie Hassaikai arc. Whenever he touches an object or person, he can fully disassemble it.

Chisaki can use it in a variety of ways. He can deconstruct matter into a hostile environment, destroy enemies with a simple touch, or fuse together with other characters and objects.

4) Decay (Tomura Shigaraki)


Arguably the most dangerous Quirk in combat situations, Decay allows users to disintegrate anything they touch. All it takes is a single hit for a target to be destroyed. It's the perfect Quirk for the main villain of My Hero Academia.

Shigaraki can wipe out entire cities with Decay. During the Meta Liberation Army arc, he crumbles most of Deika City into mere dust. He also awakened his ability, which means he can spread Decay through multiple individuals.

3) One For All (All Might/Izuku Midoriya)


This transferable Quirk allows users to stockpile incredible amounts of power. By focusing raw energy into a single body part, characters like All Might can deliver some really devastating attacks. United States of Smash was enough to finish off All for One, which speaks for itself.

Midoriya is the most unique One for All recipient in My Hero Academia. Due to its stockpiling nature, he is able to use multiple Quirks from past users. These extra abilities include Float, Blackwhip, and Smokescreen.

2) All For One (All For One/Tomura Shigaraki)


All For One named himself after this particular Quirk. It allows him to steal other Quirks and use them for himself. He can also distribute Quirks to any target he chooses. Japan's most dangerous villain had been using it for over a century now.

Below are just a few examples of what he can do, as seen in his final battle with All Might during the Hideout Raid arc:

  • Air Cannon
  • Recoil
  • Multiplier
  • Kinetic Booster
  • Strength Enhancer

Simply put, All For One truly lives up to his reputation as a villain. Only someone of All Might's stature can even stop him.

1) New Order (Star and Stripe)


Without a doubt, New Order is among the elite Quirks in My Hero Academia. Basically, the user can set two rules at any given time (with certain limitations). By touching a target and declaring its name, the user can alter its current state. One example is turning the atmosphere into a supersized giant.

This powerful Quirk once belonged to America's top Pro Hero, Cathleen Bate. She used it against Shigaraki and All for One during the Star and Stripe arc. Before they could steal it, Cathleen set a rule that would result in their Quirks revolting, effectively outsmarting them.

5 My Hero Academia Quirks that could use a rework

5) Navel Laser (Yuga Aoyama)


Yuga can use his Quirk to fire a huge laser cannon. It has a really good attack range, but the problem is that he must use his belly button. Using it for a long time will also cause major stress to his intestines.

Stomach pain is a terrible condition in combat situations, which is the only purpose for this Quirk. At the very least, Yuga did train his ability to reduce the side effects. However, he definitely had a very hard time with his Quirk. Most characters never suffer these drawbacks, at least to his extent.

4) Sugar Rush (Rikido Sato)


Sugar Rush allows Rikido Sato to significantly increase his raw power for a total of five minutes. However, he needs a certain amount of sugar to pull it off. When the effect wears off, his cognitive functions will be dramatically lowered.

Many heroes in My Hero Academia already have superhuman strength, all without the major drawbacks. Rikido Sato is already a minor character in the series, but his Quirk certainly limits his potential. There isn't much he can do in My Hero Academia that can't be done by Izuku Midoriya.

3) Food (Soramitsu Tabe)


This Quirk was seen in the Shie Hassaikai arc, used by Soramitsu Tabe of the Eight Bullets. He is able to eat anything he comes into contact with.

However, it apparently makes users feel hungry, since they have a bottomless stomach. This can be a major distraction for daily activities. Another problem with this Quirk is that it cannot resist poisonous substances.

2) Shame (Teruo Hazukashi)

One of the worst activation sequences in My Hero Academia history (Image via Studio Bones)
One of the worst activation sequences in My Hero Academia history (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia Quirks often have drawbacks that need to be worked around. This one requires users to humiliate themselves in a degrading manner.

While the full extent of this ability has yet to be known, it doesn't seem to make Teruo Hazukashi all that powerful. The criminal was swiftly taken out by Hawks during the Pro Hero arc.

1) Big Horn (Daikaku Miyagi)

It's exactly what it says on the tin (Image via Studio Bones)
It's exactly what it says on the tin (Image via Studio Bones)

There isn't much to say about this ability. The user is given a pair of horns, but not much else beyond that. Even physical combatants in My Hero Academia would barely find use for these horns. It's simply too basic to really do anything.

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