10 My Hero Academia characters fans wish they got to see more from

Shinso and Mei are quite popular students, despite not being in Class 1-A (Image via Shueisha)
Shinso and Mei are quite popular students, despite not being in Class 1-A (Image via Shueisha)

With a large cast of characters in My Hero Academia, more than a few of them are tossed to the wayside.

There is only so much screentime that can be dedicated to everybody. As a result, some heroes and villains receive less development than others. Nonetheless, some My Hero Academia fans wish they had more spotlight on them. For one reason or another, these characters were stuck lurking in the shadows.

For every Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki, there is a Nejire Hado that doesn't do as much. Every shounen manga with a large cast suffers from this issue. My Hero Academia isn't alone in that regard. Either way, some fans wanted to see more from these particular characters.

Top 10 My Hero Academia characters who should have more depth and involvement in the franchise

10) Rikido Sato


Sato is the true definition of a background character in My Hero Academia. His only claim to fame was during the Provisional Hero License Exam, where he unexpectedly won the Room King title.

It can be argued that Sato has the least amount of relationships with any of his classmates in Class 1-A. His strength based Sugar Rush Quirk also isn't that special, which makes his placement in the series rather suspect.

9) Koji Koda


Koda is yet another unimportant member of Class 1-A. Since he is a rather quiet student, he rarely interacts with his fellow classmates. There are moments where he breaks out of his shell, such as his performance in the Final Exams arc. However, these are few and far in between.

8) Toru Hagakure


Thanks to her invisibility, Hagakure mostly serves a comedic role in My Hero Academia. Due to her lack of combat skills, she mainly provides support during battle. As a result, Hagakure can't really fight that many powerful enemies.

She does play a crucial role in the current unnamed arc, where she discovered that Yuga Aoyama was the Class 1-A traitor. With that said, Hagakure didn't really do much until near the end of My Hero Academia.

7) Mezo Shoji


Shoji has a decent following within the My Hero Academia fanbase. He might seem like a very intimidating figure, but he cares deeply about the people he protects. He even wears a mask just so he wouldn't scare anybody.

Tentacole does have his heroic moments, despite his fairly-limited screentime. When Fumikage's Dark Shadow goes on a rampage in the Forest Training Camp, Shoji manages to save a weakened Deku from the ensuing chaos.

His Dupli-Arms Quirk is very suitable for combat, but he rarely gets a moment to shine against villains.

6) Hitoshi Shinso


The popular Shinso certainly made an impression with the fanbase. Ever since his debut at the Sports Festival, fans have gotten behind his outsider gimmick. His Brainwashing Quirk also creates an interesting dynamic for the hero, given its rather villainous nature.

After the Sports Festival ended, Shinso was relegated as a background character until the Joint Training arc. Even then, some fans wish he could've been a student in Class 1-A, rather than disliked characters like Minoru Mineta.

5) Geten


A loyalist to Re-Destro's cause, Geten was a powerful member of the Meta Liberation Army. He even directly fought against Dabi and his fire powers, despite possessing an ice-based Quirk.

However, there has been very little development for this character. During the Paranormal Liberation War, he managed to draw against Cementoss, but was ultimately arrested and sent to prison.

My Hero Academia is ending in the very near future, which leaves very little room for Geten to do anything. Many fans consider him to be a wasted villain.

4) Mr. Compress


The former stage magician barely gets any spotlight. Most of the original League of Villains have fleshed out backstories and fights, which Compress severely lacks.

This was most notable during the Meta Liberation Army saga. Toga and Twice had significant matches, while Spinner had some interesting story development. By comparison, Compress spent most of the arc running around and doing nothing.

He didn't get a chance to shine until the Paranormal Liberation War, where it was revealed he was related to the great villain Oji Harima. Compress also saved the rest of the league from getting captured. Regardless, fans are disappointed he never got a major fight, considering his creative Quirk.

3) Nejire Hado


Nejire is a student at U.A. High School and is part of the Big Three, along with Mirio and Tamaki. While they are supposed to be top hero prospects in the future, My Hero Academia only focused on the latter two.

Mirio and Tamaki had major fights during the Shie Hassaikai. Meanwhile, Nejire was relegated to a background skirmish. One of the biggest criticisms of My Hero Academia is the lack of major fights with female characters (at least during the beginning of the series).

Thankfully, she did manage to shine during the Paranormal Liberation War against several Nomu and even Shigaraki himself.

2) Hatsume Mei


A member of the Student Department, Hatsume is largely responsible for designing hero costumes. She had prominent roles in the early stages of the story, but disappeared after the U.A. School Festival arc.

Hatsume did return in the recent arc, but it took her several years to come back. Nonetheless, she remains a popular character in the series. A good number of fans wished Hatsume got to do more in the storyline.

1) Susugu Mitarai


This Pro Hero may seem like a joke character, but Wash is ranked number eight in the rankings system. Whether ironically or unironically, many fans have enjoyed his bizarre design and tendency to repeat his name over and over.

Wash doesn't get to do too much in the story, but he definitely took off thanks to Internet memes. My Hero Academia does take itself seriously, but never at the expense of fun-looking characters.

Some fans would definitely love to see Wash in a serious combat situation, given his laundry-based attacks.

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