6 most important Pro-heroes in the upcoming war in My Hero Academia manga

The Heroes in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)
The Heroes in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)
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The main theme of My Hero Academia has always been the constant conflict between Heroes and Villains. By extension, it also tries to establish the ultimate victory of good over evil.

Now, as the manga progresses towards its final fight between the evil All For One and the Heroes, fans are concerned about how it'll pan out.

The main reason, according to the fandom, seems to be just how strong Tomura Shigaraki is, and how the heroes are not quite up to par with him yet. However, the victory of the Heroes has always been established with team efforts, and fans are hopeful, that with this, they can finally win over All For One.

After a lot of debates, they seemed to have concluded which Pro-Heroes will be most important in the upcoming war in My Hero Academia manga. Here is who they seem to be.

6 Pro-heroes who will be crucial in the upcoming war in My Hero Academia

6) Kamui Woods


With his wood quirk that lets him manipulate his wooden bodyparts into tree branches, he has grown to be one of the strongest Pro-Heroes. His abilities are excellent for binding. Although fire does put him at a disadvantage, as the Number 7 Pro-Hero, he is expected to be extremely important in the upcoming war arc in My Hero Academia manga.

5) Mirko


Being the Number 5 Pro-Hero puts her on the list of some of the top-most important pro-heroes in the series right now. Her Rabbit quirk aids her with incredible physical strength, speed, agility and pain tolerance as well as hearing.

She is so powerful in fact that she has been witnessed destroying large portions of grounds with just a kick. This inevitably makes her one of the most important Pro-Heroes in the final fight against Shigaraki.

4) Edgeshot


One of the most remarkable quirk users among the Pro-Heroes, Edgeshot has not only mastered his quirk Foldabody completely, but he is also able to incorporate it with his Ninja-style fighting extremely well.

Currently Number 4 Pro-Hero after All Might's retirement, fans are hopeful that he is going to be one of the most important figures in the upcoming war arc in My Hero Academia manga.

3) Best Jeanist


Current Number 3 Pro-Hero after All Might's retirement, Tsunagu seems to have an extremely good handle on his quirk Fiber Master. He is able to manipulate his clothes into fabric strings and restrain as well as manipulate his target.

Being Number 3, he is extremely powerful, and fans are eagerly waiting to witness his input in the upcoming war arc against Shigaraki.

2) Hawks


Hawks is not only the youngest one of the top Pro-Heroes, but he also reached his level quite fast. The current Number 2 Pro-Hero has incredible finesse over his quirk, Fierce Wings, that not only lets him fly but also boasts incredible battle prowess.

He is known to even aid his allies with detached feathers. He is also highly intelligent, and as such, he is thought to be one of the most important Pro-Heroes to participate in the upcoming war arc.

1) Endeavor


Endeavor is the Number 1 Pro-Hero, and fans are already aware of his powers. His quirk, Hellflame, lets him manipulate huge amounts of fire at will. He seems to be resistant to other flames and can even control their shape and temperature.

As the Number 1 Pro-Hero, he is extremely powerful. As such, he seems to be one of, if not the most, important Pro-Heroes taking part in the upcoming war arc in the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia manga seems to have the fandom hooked as it reaches the final fight against the current All For One user Tomura Shigaraki. Fans are eager to learn not just which Pro-Heroes, but also which students and characters are going to snatch the spotlight in this war.

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