Top 5 My Hero Academia episodes so far

The series logo for My Hero Academia. (Image via Studio Bones)
The series logo for My Hero Academia. (Image via Studio Bones)

The hit series My Hero Academia has fans waiting with baited breath for the series’ next season, which is slated to adapt one of the series’ best arcs. As a result, hype around the anime is swelling as the year closes out and fans get closer to My Hero Academia season six.

With My Hero Academia’s sixth season poised to dethrone some of the series’ top moments yet, it’s important to look back at all the great moments the series has had so far. While not every episode has been extremely memorable, there are some which certainly stand out from the crowd.

These 5 My Hero Academia episodes set themselves apart from the rest for various reasons

5) Episode 49


My Hero Academia’s 49th episode served as the wrap-up to the All Might vs. All For One fight.

While the fight in and of itself was fantastic, some would argue that the true highlight of the episode is All Might’s message to Midoriya. All Might’s final passing of the torch was incredibly well done, and made fans feel like the first act of My Hero Academia was finally over as Deku began making One for All his own.

4) Episode 61


My Hero Academia’s 61st episode highlighted Deku and Kacchan’s fight after Kacchan’s discovery of Deku’s Quirk origins. The fight boasted great action sequences while also holding a lot of story-based emotion behind it.

It was also arguably where Kacchan began to respect Deku as an equal and integral part of their relationship as it started to unfold in the story's yet-to-be-animated future.

3) Episode 23


The series’ 23rd episode highlighted how My Hero Academia’s creator Kohei Horikoshi excels at interweaving emotional stakes with fantastic fight sequences. The Deku vs. Todoroki fight was a fantastic example of this, while also giving animators Studio Bones an opportunity to flex their animation skills.

Many fans believe that this was the episode which changed how they felt about the series, and it still stands up to nearly every other episode the series has had so far.

2) Episode 112


Episode 112 of My Hero Academia saw Tomura Shiguraki’s origin story wrapped up as well as the Awakening of his Quirk, Decay. This episode turned Tomura Shiguraki from an underwhelming main villain to a captivatingly tragic antagonist.

In addition, Decay’s Awakening made for a fantastic wrap-up in terms of visuals for the Redestro vs. Shiguraki fight.

1) Episode 76


Serving as the penultimate episode to the Shie Hassaikai arc, My Hero Academia’s 76th episode housed one of the series’ best fights yet.

In addition, the scene of Deku’s long-awaited rescue of Eri was incredibly satisfying for fans to watch, especially in the wake of Lemillion’s tragic injury. Seeing Deku finally access One for All 100% for an extended period of time in his fight against Overhaul was also an extremely welcome and celebrated section of My Hero Academia's episode 76.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.