My Hero Academia: 4 classmates that Mina Ashido can beat (and 4 she can’t)

Mina is always willing to put her life on the line (Image via Studio Bones)
Mina is always willing to put her life on the line (Image via Studio Bones)

Mina Ashido isn't the strongest fighter in Class 1-A, but her versatility does stand out in My Hero Academia.

When discussing the strength level between classmates, Mina falls somewhere in the middle. Her Acid Quirk is certainly good for offensive and defensive purposes. Mina also boasts incredible reflexes and reaction times. However, opponents with better physical stats will certainly outmatch her.

My Hero Academia characters often prevail through strategy and raw skill. This article will take a look at who Mina can and cannot beat. To make this list more interesting, it will not include main characters like Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki. Their exclusions would give Mina some fair match-ups.

4 classmates that Mina Ashido can defeat in My Hero Academia

4) Yuga Aoyama


My Hero Academia fans already know that Mina is a hard counter to Yuga and his Navel Laser Quirk. During the Sports Festival arc, she managed to burn his belt, preventing him from firing his powerful beams. Mina proceeded to uppercut him and win the match by knock out.

3) Hanta Sero


Hanta's Tape Quirk allows him to constrict his opponents with a sticky adhesive. He doesn't need to be physically strong to incapacitate them.

However, Mina's acidic properties would prevent her from getting caught. Even if Hanta tried fighting from a distance, she can still try catching him with Acid Shot. Mina is also better in close range situations, which gives her a combative edge. This is a very bad matchup for someone like Hanta.

2) Kyoka Jiro


Kyoka is a musically inclined student, born with the Earphone Jack Quirk. She can amplify soundwaves and release them against her opponents. However, she is mainly a supporting fighter, with limited experience in direct combat.

Mina could probably counter the soundwaves with her Acid Veil, albeit for a limited time. Even without the use of her Quirk, Mina is still a physically active person. She would have to quickly close the gap between her and Kyoka. All Mina has to do is melt her equipment.

1) Koji Koda


Koji can use his Anivoice Quirk to control nearby animals. This gives him a wide range of abilities in My Hero Academia. For example, he can summon a flock of birds to distract his enemies. Koji is also very powerful, given his large build.

Unfortunately, most animals are organic creatures with very little defense. Mina's acidic powers are simply too strong for them.

Of course, Mina would never try to hurt animals. Instead, she would simply use her dancing talent to dodge Koji's attacks. She could also coat herself with the corrosive substance via Acidman. Koji has no way to physically damage her without damaging himself.

4 classmates that are simply too powerful for Mina Ashido in My Hero Academia

4) Mezo Shoji


With or without his Quirk, Mezo's physical capabilities are far beyond Mina's. His Octoblow technique would deal significant damage to Mina, even from a long range distance. He can also use Octosearcher to scout potential attacks.

Mina could try using Acid Veil to deflect his punches. However, even when in extreme pain, Mezo is very resilient. His arms briefly withstood Dabi's flames during the Forest Training Camp arc.

3) Fumikage Tokoyami


Simply put, Fumikage is monstrously powerful with his Dark Shadow Quirk. Even during broad daylight, he can move at incredible speeds. Mina wasn't able to do anything against it during the Sports Festival arc.

Fumikage is among the strongest Class 1-A students in My Hero Academia. His summoning creature is definitely sturdy enough to wipe the floor with Mina, who lacks any notable feats in durability.

2) Momo Yaoyorozu


According to the Ultra Archive Book for My Hero Academia, Momo's intelligence stat breaks the scale (6/5). By comparison, Mina is rated very lowly in that regard (1/5). Momo would easily outsmart Mina the same way principal Nezu did in the Final Exams arc.

Momo's quirk also gives her plenty of ways to counteract Mina's acid. With the use of Creation, Momo can simply conjure up any object with acidic resistance. There is a reason why her genius intellect carries her far in My Hero Academia.

1) Eijiro Kirishima


Mina and Eijiro have a very close relationship in My Hero Academia. As a result, this matchup will be difficult for both competitors.

In terms of physical prowess, Eijiro clearly has the advantage. His enhanced strength and durability is far above the likes of Mina. Eijiro also has combat experience against truly strong fighters, such as Kendo Rappa in the Shie Hassaikai Raid.

Mina's Acid Quirk will certainly do some damage, but Eijiro's special moves are what gives him the victory. Unbreakable allows his entire body to become hardened 100%. Even if Mina uses Acidman against him, Eijiro can still catch her with Red Counter for a devastating blow.

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