5 characters with the most tragic backstories in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)
My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)

My Hero Academia portrays the powers that come with being a hero while also displaying the dark side of that universe. While people with powers are nothing uncommon in said universe, the lack thereof seems to cause quite a stir and make the individual's life unfairly hard.

The popular anime and manga series also portray that even though people with powers seem to walk a little easier path compared to those who do not, it is not the case all the time. Many characters in My Hero Academia seem to have tragic backstories, even with tremendous powers.

Here are 5 who seem to have the worst of My Hero Academia's tragic backstories.

My Hero Academia characters with tragic backstories

5) Aoyama Yuga

Aoyama, much like the show's protagonist Midoriya Izuku, was born quirkless. After a deal with All For One, he gained his quirk. However, the deal also put him in a position where he had to spy on the U.A. Academy to honor his side of the deal.

When the identity of the traitor got revealed, admitted by himself, the fans witnessed how painful it was for him to bear the consequences of a deal he made without knowing much about the world as a mere child. As such, he is one of those characters with one of the tragic My Hero Academia backstories.

4) The first user of One For All

Although not much is known about the first One For All user, he seems to have been one of those characters in the series who had to face immense suffering in his life. He was one of the first Quirk users at a time when being born with Quirks led to wars as well as social unrest.

Not only that, but his brother seemed to have been an All For One user, whose villainous ways and abuse caused him to suffer so much that he often appeared gaunt. In a time when being born with a Quirk led to suffering, trying to stop his own brother from committing crimes led to him having one of the most tragic backstories in My Hero Academia.

3) Todoroki Shoto


Among the current students of the U.A. Academy, Todoroki Shoto possibly has the most tragic backstory, according to the fandom. Raised not out of love but to fulfill his father's ambitions, Todoroki is always at the receiving end and witnesses the regular abuse of his brother and mother, leaving him seemingly scarred.

Not only did this lead to his brother becoming a villain, but his mother also had a mental breakdown and harmed him, which left him with a permanent burn scar because of how much he looks like his father. As such, when it comes to My Hero Academia's tragic backstories, Shoto seems to have suffered the most.

2) Eri


Eri is a little girl with a Quirk that lets her reverse and rewind the state of living things. For this, her Quirk has been called a curse for most of her life, leading to her being shunned by her loved ones. Her Quirk seemed to have awakened at a young age and accidentally killed her father.

This led her mother to abandon her, leaving her in the care of her grandfather. Who, in turn, left her care in the hands of his subordinate Overhaul, who would regularly drain her blood to use for anti-Quirk bullets. She seemed to have it really bad until she got rescued by the Hero task force.

1) Shigaraki Tomura


Possibly the most tragic backstory is of Shigaraki Tomura, the current All For One. Much like Eri, his power seemed to have awakened at an early age in a tragic incident. His father used to beat him regularly during his childhood, and the rest of his family discouraged his dream of becoming a Hero. In a time like this, his Quirk awakened that could decay organic matter.

This led to him accidentally killing his family, after which he had to survive on his own in the streets. He was found by All For One during this, and his manipulation gave rise to Tomura's confusion and hatred towards society, leading to his descent to villainy. As such, someone who could have become a Hero, but was turned into a villain, makes Tomura the number one on the list of My Hero Academia tragic backstories.

My Hero Academia continues to win the hearts of fans with fantastic characters and storylines. With the My Hero Academia manga revealing new twists and turns, fans are eager to learn what will happen next. Stay tuned here for more updates on the same.

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