My Hero Academia chapter 340 raw scans: Aizawa’s plan revealed, surprise appearances, and more

Aizawa confronts Aoyama (Image via Shonen Paradise)
Aizawa confronts Aoyama (Image via Shonen Paradise)

Raw scans of My Hero Academia chapter 340 were released just now and mangaka Horikoshi Kohei has managed to surprise his readers once again. My Hero Academia returns after a break this week, and chapter 340 continues with the discussion which All Might started in the last chapter. Details about Aizawa’s plans are revealed, and there are quite a few reappearances in this chapter.

[Major spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 340]

My Hero Academia chapter 340 raw scans reveal Shinsou’s return

According to the raw scans, My Hero Academia chapter 340 is titled “The story of how we became Heroes: Part 3.”

Recap of chapter 339

In My Hero Academia chapter 339, Midoriya and Iida visit Hatsume Mei in the Development Studio, running the U.A. barrier. Hatsume managed to repair Midoriya’s Mid-Gauntlets and Iida’s Armor despite insufficient material.

With words of encouragement from Hatsume, the two boys joined Class 1-A, who were leaving U.A. under Mt. Lady’s guidance. To locate and destroy the villains’ hideout, Class 1-A joins the war, keeping Midoriya at the center.

In Kansai, Fat Gum has assisted civilians with Ryukyu, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki. They received reports that the number of heroes had been rapidly decreasing. Fat Gum warns the others that the war begins and both sides go out.

Back in U.A., All Might, with Hawks in tow, began a discussion on their backup plan, something that could determine the outcome of the second war. Presumably, this was the plan Aizawa came up with within chapter 338.

My Hero Academia chapter 340 raw scans

My Hero Academia chapter 340 begins with All Might and Hawks speaking to a room of people, to whom they explain that they have reduced the inner circle after Aoyama’s reveal. Ragdoll is there. However, the rest of the Wild Wild Pussycats are not present.

All Might explains that their goal is to keep AFO and Shigaraki separated so that there is at least a 10 km distance between them at all times. Since Shigaraki is now more powerful than AFO, the heroes cannot win as long as they share a consciousness.

The leader of the American pilots asks why AFO didn’t come to fight Star and Stripe himself. All Might replies that since his name is well known, AFO is not immune to New Order like Shigaraki was. Tsukauchi says that AFO’s allies, particularly Dabi, who can use Area Attacks, will limit the heroes’ movements.

All Might reveals that the key to handling this problem is Aoyama. Despite Tsukauchi’s skepticism, All Might trusts Aizawa, who is seen talking to Aoyama in isolation. Aoyama wasn't medically examined and neither was his quirk a self-destructive one nor was AFO using a quirk to control him.

Aizawa realizes that Aoyama was controlled by fear and asks him what scares him so much. Aoyama replies that he believes that even if they gave him a chance, he would end up betraying them again. Understanding his dilemma, Aizawa decides to be blunt.

He tells Aoyama that his crimes won’t be erased and even if everything goes well, he might never be allowed to return to U.A. again after this war is over. However, Aoyama has no choice but to fight if he wants to make a difference at all.

Aoyama wonders if a single person can make any difference, but Aizawa reassures him that he is not the only one walking this path. As he says that, the chapter shows some students from the general course calling to someone, saying that it is time. Hitoshi Shinsou responds to them, hanging upside down from a tree in his new hero costume.

Final thoughts

While how they plan to use Aoyama has not been revealed in My Hero Academia chapter 340 raw scans, their key objective seems both straightforward and incredibly difficult to do.

Tsukauchi’s objection was valid, and the heroes will need to take extra caution to separate AFO and Shigaraki from their allies as well as from each other. However, Aizawa’s staunch faith in his students, both Aoyama and Shinsou, continues to be a steady reassurance.

My Hero Academia chapter 340 will be officially available for reading on January 16, Sunday, and can be read on Manga Plus and

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