My Hero Academia chapter 339: Class 1-A enters the final war

Hatsume Mei on the first page of My Hero Academia chapter 339 ( Image Via TCBScans)
Hatsume Mei on the first page of My Hero Academia chapter 339 ( Image Via TCBScans)

The unofficial English translation of My Hero Academia chapter 339 was released by TCBScans today. It seems the manga is finally entering another war arc.

For the last few chapters, Mangaka Horikoshi has been setting up the final war, which is titled "The Second War." In My Hero Academia chapter 339, we see that the preparations and planning for this war is over.

With My Hero Academia manga coming to an end within a year, the Final Act has at most 60 chapters left. Therefore, the plot will be moving rapidly from here on. My Hero Academia chapter 339 is titled “The Story of How We All Became Heroes Part 2.”

The momentary peace in U.A. ends with My Hero Academia chapter 339

In My Hero Academia chapter 338 Midoriya, Iida, and Kirishima stood up for Aoyama despite both inspector Tsukauchi and Present Mic expressing their doubts. It was revealed that the Aoyamas had no way to contact AFO. In fact, the latter can contact them whenever he pleases.

Aizawa, who was present in the meeting through a videocall, discloses his plan to utilize this to their advantage. Aoyama was taken away, and class 1-A returned to their dorm to prepare for the upcoming war.

Iida and Midoriya were in need of new costumes and made their way to the Development Studio. However, the studio's door exploded and Hatsume Mei crashed into Midoriya. My Hero Academia chapter 339 picks up from here.

My Hero Academia chapter 339: Hatsume helps Iida and Midoriya with their costumes

As Iida and Midoriya enter the Development Studio, they find it in disarray. Powerloader explains to them that the U.A. barrier was designed in the Development Studio and is currently being operated from there as well.

Midoriya shows Hatsume his destroyed Mid-Gauntlets. However, because they’re imported prototypes, and the main material, Condenium, is unavailable, Hatsume cannot repair them.

It’s the same case with Iida’s costume as well. Hatsume’s classmates explain to Iida and Midoriya that the U.A. barrier was designed by her. In fact, she comes up with new and better designs for it every day.

We see Hatsume develop the escape routes as she makes something with her left hand. These are revealed to be Midoriya’s new Gauntlets and Iida’s new Armor.

My Hero Academia chapter 339: Class 1-A joins the action

Hatsume tells Iida and Midoriya that since the Support class can’t fight, the best way they can help is by supporting the onfield heroes.

In that sense, the Support class students are heroes in their own right. Hatsume says with conviction that they are going to win this war. This instills more energy and hope in Midoriya and Iida.

As the two students join their classmates at the gates of U.A., they are briefed by Mt Lady. While she is aware of what class 1-A has been through, they do not have any time to lose.

Their top priority is to locate and eliminate the liberation front. In that endeavor, they are categorized as a search party. As Class 1-a moves out of U.A. in My Hero Academia chapter 339, Mt lady instructs them to work around Midoriya.

As Mina worries if Aoyama is going to join them, Midoriya reassures her with his faith in their classmate. Todoroki echoes that sentiment, as he believes that Aoyama has a clear picture of what he wants to be.

Interestingly, these are the same words which he used to encourage Iida during their fight against Stain.

My Hero Academia chapter 339: Preparation for the second war is complete

My Hero Academia chapter 339 then cuts to the Kansai region, where Fat Gum is assisting the civilians with Ryukyu, Sun Eater and Nejire. Ryukyu informs them that their number of informants had been lessening. Meanwhile, Fat Gum issued a warning that neither side will hold back since they have entered the war.

My Hero Academia chapter 339 then shows U.A. once more. All Might and Hawks come in to report to someone, possibly Nezu and Aizawa, that their preparation for the back-up plan is complete.


Hatsume’s speech in My Hero Academia chapter 339 reminds everyone that apart from heroes and students, the entire community has united against the Liberation Front.

However, villains are still running rampant, and the number of heroes is dwindling. This leads readers to question if they have enough people to fight AFO's army.

While Hatsume’s designs for Midoriya look to be sturdy enough, he is still in his gym uniform. It remains to be seen how these new gauntlets enhance Midoriya’s use of OFA. Furthermore, the quirks of the second and third users of OFA are yet to be revealed.

My Hero Academia chapter 339 marks the beginning of the Second War arc. Considering that Horikoshi announced that My Hero Academia manga will be over in a year, the plot would need to progress faster.

However, the interval between Class 1-A retrieving Midoriya and then leaving U.A. seems cluttered with too many disjointed segments. Hopefully this next arc and My Hero Academia chapter 340 will string everything into a cohesive structure.

Where to read

The official translation of My Hero Academia chapter 339 will be available on and Manga Plus from 3 January 2022, Monday onwards. Weekly Shonen Jump is rumored to take a break the following week, leading to every serialization being delayed.

However, it can be confirmed once My Hero Academia chapter 339 is officially released.