My Hero Academia Chapter 338 Spoilers: Why Aizawa’s return is significant

Aizawa Shouta returns in My Hero Academia chapter 338 ( Image Via Studio Bones)
Aizawa Shouta returns in My Hero Academia chapter 338 ( Image Via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia Chapter 338 just released the raw scans and fans are going crazy over the proper appearance of Shouta Aizawa, Class 1-A’s homeroom teacher. This is Aizawa’s second appearance in the manga after the Paranormal Liberation War arc after Chapter 325, and this time it seems like Aizawa is finally returning to mentor his students properly.

So why is Aizawa’s appearance in My Hero Academia Chapter 338 so significant?


Aizawa rejoins Class 1-A in My Hero Academia Chapter 338

Aizawa in Paranormal Liberation War arc

Aizawa injured his right leg while fighting against Tomura Shigaraki in the Zaku Hospital Raid. Later, Shigaraki launched a Quirk-erasing bullet at Aizawa, which hit him in his crippled leg. In order to stop the spread of the drug throughout his body, Aizawa made the swift decision to cut off his leg. However, Shigaraki took another chance by grabbing Aizawa’s face, which damaged his right eye.

Aizawa in My Hero Academia chapter 325

In My Hero Academia Chapter 325, Principal Nezu informed Aizawa of Midoriya’s safe return to U.A. and how Uraraka had managed to unite the civilians and the heroes through her speech. Aizawa was seen in the hospital, and his right eye seemed to have been completely lost.

He then inquired about Kurogiri, before proclaiming that it was time for them to fight back. Aizawa is next seen in My Hero Academia Chapter 338.

Aizawa appearance in My Hero Academia Chapter 338

My Hero Academia Chapter 338 raw scans show Aizawa listening to the proceedings following Yuga Aoyama’s traitor reveal through video call on Present Mic’s device. Aizawa asks Midoriya if he has any concrete plans regarding his claim that Aoyama is their best bet at getting to AFO, to which Midoriya says no.

Aizawa then tells everyone that he feels responsible for not noticing anything amiss with Aoyama, and that he is against expelling Aoyama. Aizawa then asks inspector Tsukauchi to make sure that the Aoyamas can’t hear what he says next. As Aizawa discloses his plan, the students of Class 1-A as well as the authorities are shown to be shocked.

Why Aizawa’s appearance is important

Aizawa is the backbone of Class 1-A. His students not only respect him, but they also seek him out for advice.

After the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Class 1-A was left in shambles, with their top three students so heavily injured, their teacher losing an eye and a leg, and then with Midoriya’s secret coming out as he left U.A. for a while. In such a situation, even bringing Midoriya back did not really bring them back together, as was shown through the panel in My Hero Academia Chapter 334 where Deku was dressed differently than the rest.

With Aizawa’s return in My Hero Academia Chapter 338, the students have finally returned to their previous unity, despite Aoyama having been revealed to be the traitor. This was once again shown through the hero costumes.

Unlike before when Deku was in his gym clothes amongst the rest of his friends who were in hero costumes, this time Hatsume showed up in My Hero Academia Chapter 338 immediately after their meeting with Aizawa. This fact indicated that Deku will be getting a new hero costume and will finally get reintegrated back into Class 1-A.

Final thoughts

Currently My Hero Academia manga is in early-mid May, even later. By My Hero Academia Chapter 338, Aizawa has been in the hospital for two months or more. From the way mangaka Horikoshi has drawn him, it doesn’t seem like he will be returning to active duty anytime soon.

It is also undisclosed in My Hero Academia Chapter 338 if Aizawa’s quirk can work with only one eye. In such a situation, Aizawa’s primary role would be to guide and mentor his students. Although with the war on the horizon, Class 1-A needs him desperately.