Why the Second User of One for All will be crucial in upcoming My Hero Academia chapters

The Second User of OFA (Image via Shonen Jump, color by Justixplode)
The Second User of OFA (Image via Shonen Jump, color by Justixplode)

As My Hero Academia manga enters the final part of the final act, the Second User of OFA remains an enigma. So far, apart from the name of the Third User of OFA, everything else about all other Users has been revealed, only the Second User remains a mystery.

In the latest chapters, mangaka Horikoshi has hinted heavily that the Second User of OFA will be crucial to both the protagonist Izuku Midoriya, and the resolution of the series as a whole.

[This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia manga]

Everything about the Second User of One for All up to My Hero Academia chapter 340

What is known about the Second User so far

During Deku’s vestige dreams, the Second and Third Users had always faced the walls, turning their backs on Deku because they refused to acknowledge him as a successor. For the longest time, only their silhouettes were known to My Hero Academia manga readers.

It was during the Tartarus Escapees arc, when Deku became a vigilante, that the two Users revealed their faces and accepted Deku. After Deku’s declaration to Nana Shimura about how he wanted to save Shigaraki Tomura, the Second User chalked him up as naïve. However, the first User, Yoichi, reminded him that even though Yoichi was his enemy’s brother, the Second User had still saved him.

The Second User of OFA lived when All for One was just starting his tyrannical reign. He was the leader of the resistance against AFO, with the Third User as his second in command.

When they raided AFO’s house, they found his younger brother, Yoichi, captive in a room. The Second User had extended a hand to him, which Yoichi had desperately grabbed, and according to Yoichi, that was when OFA was truly born.

The meaning of these words has not been made clear in My Hero Academia manga yet, but fans believe that they hold considerable significance in the revelation of the Second User’s name and quirk.

Yoichi maintains that the Second User was his savior. Interestingly, in his vestige form, the Second User has a scar across his face, which is not seen when he came to rescue Yoichi.

Coaxed by Yoichi, the Second User agreed to aid Deku, with the Third User following his lead. While the Third User’s quirk, Fa Jin, has been revealed, nothing about the Second User's Quirk has been revealed in My Hero Academia manga so far. Age-wise, he seems older than Yoichi, and about the same age as the Third User.

Importance of the Second User of OFA in recent chapters of My Hero Academia

OFA is a quirk that stockpiles strength over time and lends its holder incredible strength, speed, and agility. It can be transferred by ingesting the DNA of the current holder, and as such it can stockpile the quirk of each of its holders, passing it onto the next. By this theory, the more OFA is transferred, the stronger it becomes.

On the flipside, OFA destroys the body of its holder if the person has a quirk prior to receiving OFA. OFA is ideal for people without quirks, and cannot be safely passed on to people with quirks for a long period of time. The last two holders of OFA, Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya, were both quirk-less.

Therefore, OFA currently has, and in all probability will always have, six additional quirks apart from the stockpile quirk: the Second User’s quirk, the Third User’s Fa Jin, Hikage Shinomori’s Danger Sense, Daigoro Banjo’s Blackwhip, En’s Smokescreen, and Nana Shimura’s Float.

Out of these, Deku has manifested and somewhat mastered five so far in My Hero Academia manga, barring the Second User’s quirk.

In My Hero Academia chapter 338, Deku talks about completing OFA, which means that he either will, or already has, manifest the quirk of the Second User. With the way the Second User has been guiding him, it seems that his past is soon to be revealed. As the leader of the resistance, the Second User also knows more about AFO than most others, and can help guide Deku in the upcoming war.

The fan theory

One of the four most popular My Hero Academia fan theories, along with “Dabi is a Todoroki”, “U.A. Traitor”, and “Izuku Midoriya’s father”, is the “Bakugou Katsuki is the Second User of OFA” theory. This theory originated back when the silhouette of the Second User was revealed, and there were considerable similarities between the two.

Many had theorized that by some means, the popular choice being Eri’s Rewind Quirk somehow being able to send people back in time, Bakugou Katsuki travels back to Yoichi’s time and becomes the Second User of OFA to ensure the future.

This theory reached a new height after mangaka Horikoshi drew the Second User facing the wall, with a rear profile very similar to Bakugou's.

However, this particular theory in My Hero Academia was seemingly disproved when his face was revealed, and while it resembled Bakugou strongly, it was clearly a different person. However, given that the manga is in black and white, many fans were left on the fence, since with the right coloring the Second User could still pass for an adult Bakugou. Some even theorized that the Second User might be Bakugou’s ancestor.

However, after the revelation of his connection with Yoichi, especially the gesture of extending his hand, fans began to speculate again that he might be Bakugou after all.

During Midoriya’s retrieval, while other vestiges wanted to intervene in Midoriya's self-destructive spiral, the Second User held them back by saying that they were not the ones who can help Deku. And soon, Bakugou Katsuki came to retrieve Midoriya with the rest of class 1-A.

This particular incident made fans certain that the Second User was so sure only because he was Bakugou himself and had already lived through this. However, popular as this theory might be, it does not make sense why Bakugou, who had always understood why All Might chose Deku as his successor, would reject him in his vestige form.

Final thoughts

The Second User of OFA is the only missing piece of the entire OFA puzzle in My Hero Academia's manga. Not only is he a loose plot-point, but he is also a crucial pillar in Deku’s growth and AFO’s defeat. With how Horikoshi is on a creative spree to confirm almost every popular My Hero Academia theory lately, there is a fair chance that the Bakugou theory might also come true.

However, logically, it would not make complete sense with the information currently available to the fans, unless Horikoshi reveals more information in upcoming My Hero Academia chapters. Hopefully My Hero Academia chapter 340 will shed more light on this matter.