Everything we know so far about Midoriya's father in My Hero Academia

About Hisashi Midoriya from the series (image via Netflix)
About Hisashi Midoriya from the series (image via Netflix)

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular modern shonen anime and manga series. Izuku Midoriya is a beloved character from the anime but there are certain mysteries revolving around his relatives. His mother was introduced during the first few episodes but his father never made an appearance.

Both the manga and anime have progressed by a great margin, yet his father has not appeared in either media. This article has compiled existing information about Midoriya’s father along with certain fan theories.

My Hero Academia: About Hisashi Midoriya

Hisashi Midoriya is Izuku’s father. He married Inko and had a child before moving abroad for work. Izuku was four years old when he went to the doctor along with his mother.

This tells us that his father had shifted to another country when he was quite young. Izuku's mother continues to refer to the man as her husband, indicating that they are still a couple despite the years of separation.

Hisashi strongly resembles the young protagonist of My Hero Academia, with teal hair and similar facial structure. This is an educated guess considering Midoriya’s mother has dark hair and My Hero Academia characters are designed in such a manner that their features are almost identical to their parents.

During the course of the series, Inko mentioned that Hisashi’s quirk allowed him to breathe fire. No other information was revealed regarding his father’s quirks.

Fan theories surrounding Hisashi Midoriya

There are certain fan theories revolving around Midoriya’s father. While some of them are far-fetched and outrageous, a few could be revealed later in the show.

One such theory is that Izuku Midoriya's father could be All For One. Fans believe that the series could have an ending similar to that of Star Wars, in which Izuku would go up against All For One during the final battle in the series.

All For One from My Hero Academia (Image via Netflix)
All For One from My Hero Academia (Image via Netflix)

According to Epicdope, Horikoshi had revealed that Hisashi would make an appearance in the series at some point. Now that the manga is most likely to end this year, Hisashi could be revealed in one of the upcoming chapters before the story concludes.

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